[a design of Mousefur laying down and facing the viewer]

Cats who deserved Deputy! by Flightfoot

Flightfoot lists characters who would’ve made great deputies of ThunderClan.

[a design of Mousefur laying down and facing the viewer]
Art by Arrow of Time and Vialir
[a design of Mousefur laying down and facing the viewer]

Hello! My name is Flightfoot, and for my first ever blog (yikes!) I’m going to talk about which cats I think would have made great deputies/leaders, who ultimately weren’t chosen. (sorry if this won’t make sense, I tried to describe them as characters but I haven’t done a very good job, I’m still getting the hang of this sorry)

Let’s get into it!

Jaypaw: “Mousefur, for the last time—”
Mousefur: “The last time? Good. Go away.”

Mousefur was a she cat who served under the reign of Bluestar, and later Firestar. Mousefur was a formidable and skilled warrior, she was wise, and although she had a sharp tongue, she made some good points. I believe she would have been a great deputy to Bluestar, as she was strong minded and very able.

Okay, I know Whitestorm WAS a deputy, under Firestar. However, I have included him here because he was an awesome cat, and was an awesome deputy, who I believe 10000% should have lived longer. He was considerate, compassionate, and skilled. He was an experienced warrior who was wise and brave. Firestar notes his good humour and great personality!

“Whitestorm was experienced, wise, and brave. When Firestar had been made deputy, he had shown not a scrap of the resentment that a lesser cat might have felt. He had supported him from the beginning, and he was the cat Firestar naturally turned to when he needed advice. He was old, yes, but still strong and active. There were a good few moons left before he would be joining the elders in their den.”

And isn’t that just so true? Underrated cat.

“You wait. I’ll be the crankiest elder the Clans have ever seen. Mousefur will seem sweet and gentle next to me!”

Do I really have to explain myself? Sandstorm is the best. She’s a skilled hunter, she’s intelligent, funny, and has earned the title of deputy many times over in my opinion. Also, I think it would have been really interesting to see her and Firestar working alongside each other, as I think that they worked really well together! They contrast each other really well and personally, I like to read about them together, as their dynamics changed so much over time.

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