[Barley licks the side of Ravenpaw's neck, who glances at him in amusement]

Why Ravenpaw x Barley is a yes by Wisteriapaw

Wisteriapaw~crow shares why Ravenpaw and Barley are good to each other.

[Barley licks the side of Ravenpaw's neck, who glances at him in amusement]
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[Barley licks the side of Ravenpaw’s neck, who glances at him in amusement]

Hello everyone Wisterapaw~crow here today I will be sharing why Barley and Ravenpaw are destined for eachother(This is my first article so please dismiss any mistakes, although this might be posted after other articles of mine!)
We all know (Spoilers to anyone still reading “Into the Wild”) that Ravenpaw escapes from thunderclan because of his fear of Tigerclaw/Star. At first Barley is introduced as a friend of Ravenpaw but after a while the real relationship starts. One reason is Ravenpaw has spent lots of time with barley as he joined him in “Into the Wild” and died in “Ravenpaw’s Farewell” this shows that he has had lots of time with Barley and built a strong relationship.
2. When Barley reunites with his brothers (Think it was his brothers)
They seem nice, but as time goes on Barley notices they’re mean to Ravenpaw. Barley gives them another chance because of his loyalty to his family but they keep being mean. Sooner or later Barley banishes them from the barn, his brother are confused but he very clearly says something like.

“You think I was going to let you treat Ravenpaw like that?”
This proves his loyalty and ‘Love’ for Ravenpaw

3. In “Dawn” ‘the great journey begins, Ravenpaw is reunited with Firestar. He he express something like ‘He longed to travel with Thunderclan but knew he couldn’t to such thing to Barley or himself’

4. In “Ravenpaw’s path, Shattered peace” he Ravenpaw remembers fighting bloodclan and being alongside his friend Graystripe and Firestar. He snaps out of it and it then says “Turns out that the farm was the place for me, though. It’s so much easier here. No training, no border patrols…No going hungry. It might not be home exactly… but I can wake up when I want, nobody tells me what to do and Barley’s here. We owe each other out lives. I figure i’ll stay”

5. In ‘Ravenpaws Farewell’ Ravenpaw expresses something like ‘He was aware of how close Barley was standing to him’

Given these point I think BarleyxRavenpaw is true, even if Erin hunter denies it <3.
Wisterapaw~crow out!

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