[Violetshine stretches beside a lounging Tree]

Ship or Sink! by Solarpaw

Solarpaw shares their opinion on some ships.

[Violetshine stretches beside a lounging Tree]
Art by nanistar (tumblr)
[Violetshine stretches beside a lounging Tree]

Hey, guys! I’ve seen some others playing this, and I’ve decided to take up the game myself. I’ll be doing canon ships this time, but if I make a part two I’ll dive into non-canon ships. [Spoilers for up to the newest series! Beware when reading!]

Let’s get started with the first one…
Dust x Fern!
This ship is… decent. It’s a bit weird in the beginning stages though. Dustpelt had a crush on Ferncloud when she was an apprentice, and it was a bit creepy. I mean, the age gap wasn’t super serious, but I think maybe he shouldn’t have seemed so eager until after she became a warrior. I guess it’s good they were trying to make sure the ship wasn’t random, but still…
Even that, I think… ship! They love each other, there’s no denying that.

And the next one…
Fire x Spotted!
Right off the bat, I instantly hated this ship. Spottedleaf was a character I really liked in her novella, but not in the actual story. She was so “majestic and mysterious”, I found it actually quite annoying. I probably would’ve cheered for it if Spottedleaf was an apprentice at the same time as Fireheart, and if she was a warrior apprentice, but sadly that wasn’t the case.
So… sink. I’m pretty sure a lot of people will agree with me, haha.

The next one…
Thorn x Blossom!
No. Absolutely not. Big, fat no. The age gap is considered large at best, and their chemistry is okay but not too great. Blossomfall doesn’t even seem like the romance type. She definitely shouldn’t have gotten a mate.

And a personal favorite of mine…
Violet x Tree!
This ship is the sweetest thing. Tree is so patient and loving, and I haven’t read this in a while so bear with me here, but from what I can remember they loved each other very much and the chemistry was on point. The age gap wasn’t massive from what I can recall, and so…

And another…
Crow x Feather!
Yes! This ship has development, and the age gap is barely there. Crowpaw would’ve been Crowfeather but the Erins needed a reason for Crowpaw to rename himself Crowfeather instead of Crowfoot, which was going to be his name originally, I think. He mourned her lost greatly and though I do like Leaf x Crow, Feather x Crow was slow, deliberate, and had a nice feeling.

And the second to last…
Bristle x Root!
Yes! I love these two. Rootspring mourned Bristlefrost when she died, and still hasn’t stopped. This was a much better option than Stem x Bristle, which was random and annoying. (But I do like Stemleaf’s politeness in his rejection). I totally love this ship.

And the last…
Blaze x Light!
…eh. Fine, I guess? I honestly don’t really care, and I don’t know why I made this the last ship. This one’s kinda rushed and confusing, and I guess it’s fine, but I couldn’t care less about it because I hate both the characters equally. It’s cool if you ship it, but it’s not for me, though I guess these two cats deserve each other.

That’s the end! I’ll be doing non-canon ships next, if you want me too! See you next time. 🙂

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  • 🌱🍄🌻 Salmonkit // She/her, xey/xem // Call me Salmonkit, Salmon, Sushi or Sammy! 🌱🍄🌻 says:

    Cool article! Violetshine and Tree are litrally amazing- one of my favorite ships!

  • Great article Sols!!
    Dust x Fern: SINK. ForStarClan’ssakeDustpeltstopfox-dungedflirtingwithanapprenticewhosemotherandfriendsfreakingdied- It feels too much like harassment for me, especially since he was her brother’s mentor and had creepy influence on her. But yeah.
    Fire x Spotted: Eh…Sink too? I think most of the romance happened when Spotted was dead, so…? It’s a little weird, and I see no chemistry before she died. I’d have preferred a friend or older sibling/younger sibling relationship to romance.
    Thorn x Blossom: Sink. The age gap is HUGE and they have nearly no chemistry! Then he just sorta leaves her in TBC.
    Violet x Tree: Ship!!
    Crow x Feather: Ship? Like, Feathertail was the ONLY love interest Crowfeather didn’t treat like trash…
    Bristle x Root: Ship…The way Bristle liked him back suddenly was kinda odd though, but the ship scenes make up for it.
    Blaze x Light: Yeah, ship? They like each other, have chemisty, there isn’t a huge age gap? So yeah…? Idk.
    Great article!!

  • Firestorm (Firey, Stormy) (Storm with Fire at the Core) Karma is my boyfriend, karma is a god, karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend. Karma's a relaxing thought, aren't you envious that for you it's not? says:

    Great article! I agree except for idk how I feel about Bristle x Root ( i DID NOT like the broken code heh heh). AND I HATE LIGHT X BLAZE IT IS SO ANNOYING AND MEAN TO SUNBEAM I HATE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great article! I agree with all of these ships/sinks!

  • addressing dustpelt being creepy to ferncloud when she was an apprentice and then saying you ship them in the same paragraph is crazy