[a design of Brook Where Small Fish Swim raising a paw and looking at the viewer]

Why I Don’t Like The Tribe by Rowanpaw

Rowanpaw shares their thoughts on the Tribe of Rushing Water.

[a design of Brook Where Small Fish Swim raising a paw and looking at the viewer]
Art by Ravenstar01
[a design of Brook Where Small Fish Swim raising a paw and looking at the viewer]

Hello! Rowanpaw here! Today I will be discussing the Tribe, why I don’t like them and how they could improve!
The Tribe of Rushing Water is a group of cats that live in the mountains, in the Cave of Rushing Water. They run very similarly to the Clans, but have separate “prey-hunters” and “cave-guards.” They are led by a Healer, who is called the Teller of the Pointed Stones or Stoneteller. The Healer is basically the medicine cat and leader combined. The Tribe’s ancestors are very similar to StarClan and are called the Tribe of Endless Hunting.
I think that the Tribe is very annoying and unneeded in the Warrior Cats world. When they are introduced, they seem super fun and interesting. But, most of the books revolving around the Tribe just focus on the Clans helping the Tribe fix their problems. Most of the time, the Clans are trying to change the Tribe into a Clan and the Clan cats know it, too!
In addition, the books focusing around the Tribe have A LOT of traveling. And traveling scenes is SUPER BORING in Warrior Cats. Half of the time NOTHING happens and it takes SO LONG for the cats to get ANYWHERE! THE CLANS NEED TO STOP SENDING PATROLS TO THE TRIBE!!! (Sorry for the rant 😊)
The Tribe is too similar to the Clans for them to be interesting. They have kits, elders, queens and apprentices, which are called to-bes, as well as two warrior positions – prey-hunters and cave-guards. The only difference in ranking is that the medicine cat, and leader are all the same cat – the Healer – and the leader’s successor is not given a deputy role first. The Tribe’s ancestors are also exactly the same as StarClan, except called the Tribe of Endless Hunting. They may have different hunting methods and traditions, but most fade away when the Tribe adopts Clan traditions instead, like patrolling borders.
My last reason isn’t as major, and probably is not justified, but I’ll still tell you in case anyone agrees with me. My final reason that the Tribe is annoying is that they killed Feathertail and ruined Stormfur. Feathertail is probably one of my all-time FAVORITE Warrior Cats character and the Tribe caused her death. And the best ship of all, Feathertail and Crowfeather, dies too.😭 Then, Stormfur, who was Feathertail’s BROTHER and was captured by the Tribe, forgives them completely. He just JOINS THE TRIBE and becomes boring by turning the Tribe into a Clan.
The Tribe could improve simply by separating themselves from the Clans. Having their own traditions and sticking to them, instead of changing to Clan ways, would make the Tribe WAY better. One or two super editions with Tribe perspectives would be a good way to explore their culture without any traveling or Clan interference. Maybe even a Tribe protagonist for the next arc!
And that’s all for now. Do you agree? Is there anything I missed? Do you have any ideas for ways the Tribe could separate from the Clans? I’d love to hear your opinions!
May StarClan light your path! Rowanpaw, out!

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