[a design of Purdy napping with his tongue lolling out]

Giving Cats Who Joined The Clans Warrior Names by Rowanpaw

Rowanpaw gives warrior names to characters without one.

[a design of Purdy napping with his tongue lolling out]
Art by fairyleaf
[a design of Purdy napping with his tongue lolling out]

Hello! Rowanpaw here! Today I will be giving cats who joined the Clans warrior names. I’ve seen a lot of articles giving kits and apprentices warrior names so I decided I would do something different and give cats like Purdy and Brook warrior names!
1. Daisy
Daisy joined ThunderClan with her three kits after fleeing the horseplace so her kits wouldn’t be taken by Twolegs. She is now a permanent nursery queen and mother to Berrynose, Hazeltail, Mousewhisker, Toadstep and Rosepetal. I’ll keep her prefix as Daisy, since it fits. Her suffix would either be flower or pool since, she is such a calm and sweet cat. I’ll go with Daisyflower!
2. Millie
Millie was a former kittypet who joined ThunderClan with Graystripe after he was captured by Twolegs. She was a warrior and an elder and mother to Bumblestripe, Briarlight and Blossomfall. I’ll give her the prefix Silver, after Silverstream and because she is a silver tabby. Her suffix would either be stripe, because she is a tabby and after Graystripe, or blaze, because she is super courageous and enthusiastic. I’ll go with Silverblaze.
3. Purdy
Purdy was a former loner who lived in the Twolegplace near the sundrown place. He joined ThunderClan after he was found in Sunrise by Brambleclaw’s patrol and became an elder. For Purdy’s prefix, I would use either Bramble or Thorn because of his messy, brown fur. I’ll do Bramble, in honor of the cat who brought him to ThunderClan. His suffix would either be stripe, because he is a tabby, or tuft, because his fur is matted and messy. I’ll do Brambletuft, since it sounds better!
4. Brook
Brook joined ThunderClan briefly with Stormfur after being exiled from the Tribe and RiverClan. She served as a warrior, until she returned to the Tribe of Rushing Water with Stormfur. But, I’ll still give her a warrior name. 🙂 I’ll keep her prefix as Brook, because it works and I ❤️ it so much. For her suffix, I’ll use feather or pool because she is very calm and kind. I’ll do Brookfeather, in honor of Feathertail!
5. Boulder
Boulder joined ShadowClan with Russetfur and served as a ShadowClan warrior and elder. For his prefix, I’ll keep it as Boulder. Boulder’s suffix would probably be strike or fang, because he is very strong and probably a good fighter. I’ll do Boulderstrike!
6. Sasha
Sasha joined RiverClan and served as a warrior and queen briefly before returning to her life as a loner. But, like Brook, I’m doing her, because I want to. I think her prefix would be Shadow, because she is very quiet and because she lived in ShadowClan for a while. Her suffix would be point, because she is a colorpoint cat. Shadowpoint it is!
7. Cody
Cody joined ThunderClan unofficially to help Leafpool and ThunderClan while the forest territories were being destroyed. She was super brave, and she should get a warrior name in honor of this. Cody’s prefix should be Burn, in honor of her bravery and loyalty to Leafpool or Willow in honor of her experience and kindness. Her suffix should be leaf, because her best friend was Leafpool. I can’t choose between the two prefixes, so her name will be Burnwillow.
Finally, I’ll do Stormfur and Feathertail. Since, Stormfur and Feathertail both live in the Tribe or Tribe of Endless Hunting now, I’ll give them Tribe names. Stormfur will be Storm Hanging Over Shining Lake, because he went back to the lake several times. Feathertail will be Feather Of Watchful Crow, in honor of Crowfeather. I didn’t use either of their suffixes because they both have very boring suffixes and I wanted to mix it up.
And that’s all for now. Do you agree? Is there any cats I missed? I’d love to hear your opinions!
May StarClan light your path! Rowanpaw, out!

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