[Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves lay curled around each other as leaves peel off the latter]

Fallen Leaves: a story of grief by Shiverpaw

Shiverpaw shares Fallen Leaves’ story.

[Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves lay curled around each other as leaves peel off the latter]
Art by Dokusa
[Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves lay curled around each other as leaves peel off the latter]

Hello I’m Snowy, or Snowdrift. I’ve pitied Fallen Leaves—the ghost who can’t rejoice with his family—for some time, so I’m going to talk about why!

Yes, Fallen Leaves drowned. When he went into the tunnels, Rock, the cursed Healer, asked him if it was raining. Then, it started to rain, and the tunnels were flooded. This is how he drowned. As a Softpaw, Fallen Leaves desperately wanted to become a Sharpclaw. Instead, he died. So, he kept roaming the tunnels, looking for the exit. He didn’t acknowledge that he was dead, so he never went to where the Ancients’ spirits were(they belong to the Tribe of Endless Hunting). He lived alone, in a *life* of sorrow and pain, and still waits for the calling of his kin, even though they are long gone.

Sad, right? And he never deserved that. What did he do? He didn’t do anything bad, yet he died, alone. What about Ashfur? Think about how he died. Not naturally(well, maybe yes, but you get the idea). His Clan held a vigil for him.And to think of what happened afterwards! Fallen Leaves was not the only one who was heartbroken. His mother, Broken Shadow, was also heartbroken. But what choice did she have? Rock made Jaypaw, Jay’s Wing back then, tell them about the mountains and vote for the mountains when it was his turn. It was their destiny to become the Tribe of Rushing Water. I was so pleased when he found comfort at last, within caring for Hollyleaf.

Hollyleaf was nursed back to health by Fallen Leaves. They developed a special bond, and Fallen Leaves wasn’t lonely any more. He desperately wanted to keep Hollyleaf here, and since Hollyleaf was hesitant about returning to the Clans, they both lived happily for a long time—until she was found by Dovewing and Ivypool. Or should I rather say, she found them, and led them outside. That’s the end of their relationship between life and death. Anyway, Fallen Leaves was alone again, so poor him. I felt really bad for him.

In summary, Fallen Leaves had a sorrowful, depressing life, and had a lot to grieve for. Sorry, Fallen Leaves!
Okay so that’s all, bye! Snowy out!

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