[a full-body design of Violetshine walking]

Unpopular Oppinions by Rosefern

Rosefern lists some opinions that might not be shared by other fans.

[a full-body design of Violetshine walking]
Art by nizumifangs
[a full-body design of Violetshine walking]

Heyy, Kitties! Wassup? It’s me again, Rosefern and today I shall discuss my unpopular oppinions with y’all!!! This’ll be fun! Here goes!
Number 1: I don’t like Tallstar’s ThunderClan-WindClan alliance.
So, ya the Warrior Code says to be loyal to your Clan above all else, and Tallstar gonna neglect that just because ThunderClan helped them ONCE. ONCE! Just because ShadowClan and RiverClan were two busy squabbling over who would get WindClan’s territory after they were driven out, ThunderClan has sense enough to save them. So? That means nothing in the longtirm. I find Tallstar annoying in this way. “I love ThunderClan! I hate ThunderClan! I love ThunderClan! I hate ThunderClan!” over and over and over, usually loyalty to his own clan prevails in this situation prompting him to take the necessary action—until his last life.
He was close to death, yes, and he was probably at least abit mentally malfunctioning, he chose Onewhisker to be his successor because he didn’t want rivalry with ThunderClan. To me that’s just disturbing—Like, listen, old man, if you don’t want rivalry with ThunderClan, then go join ThunderClan, ok? Yeah we all know he had his underlying, unsaid reasons for choosing Onewhisker but since the one he said outloud was for another Clan, well that’s just not cool to me. And that didn’t even work—it brought fourth one of the worst cats in the entire Warriors series—Onestar. Part of me doesn’t even blame Onestar, he might’ve been friends with Firestar earlier, but even he has his limits. That’s not to excuse some of Onestar’s actions they’re still not ok.
Right. Next one: I don’t hate Clear Sky.
So, ClearSky tried to fix himself after all his wrongdoings and ultimately. Failed. Well, sorta. Everyone hates him for Moth Flight’s Vision, and it’s not like I think that’s ok, but I don’t HATE him. I think, like, at least he tried. His hate of Micah may just come from all the bad encounters with rogues he had such as Slash, and OneEye and their groups. He’s suspicious and doesn’t want to let a outsider into his clan cuz he know how that can backfire. Also, the thing about StarClan, well, that. Is bad, but still, I feel like at least he tried to fix himself.
Sidenote: I know someone may be like “You said you don’t like Breezepelt, but why could you defend a cat whos caused the murder of like a ton of cats when you don’t like a character who hasn’t killed any cats?” Good question? I am not a Bluestar, or a Yellowfang. I am not biased. Well, actually, I am, a little bit. Or maybe a lot. But even when Brezepelt fixed himself he’s still pretty obnoxious cat, besides, Clear Sky is a totally different story, cuz he want to protect his cats, just don’t know how, Breezepelt on the other hand, just hates his half-siblings for existing and wants to get rid of them.
Third, Violetshine is one of my fav characters!
I’ve explained previously why I love her so much and that hasn’t changed, but I’d just like to say I think she gets way too much hate, and I don’t know why, so could somebody please tell me in the comments. Anyways, since some of you probly haven’t read my article about my fav and least fav characters, cuz it’s been a long time since I posted that, I will explain in a nutshell why I love Violetshine:
She had such a hard life, and she just dealt with it, she was determined to do what’s right, and although she may seem shy and withdrawn on the outside, on the inside is a big, determined heart that cares greatly for those close to her, such as Needletail, Tree, and Rootspring and Needleclaw (btw Needleclaw is her kit named after Needletail, and Needletail was her best friend and unofficial mentor, who was killed by Darktail) , and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in.
Well, peeps, that’ll be it for now!!!! I may do a part 2, I might not. So ya. Rosie out.

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