[a starry Spottedleaf tearfully touches noses with Firestar]

Why I Do Not Ship SpottedXFire by Darkkit

Darkkit lists why they don’t ship Spottedleaf and Firestar.

[a starry Spottedleaf tearfully touches noses with Firestar]
Art by T-TiP
[a starry Spottedleaf tearfully touches noses with Firestar]

Hullo! I’m Darkkit. Today I’ll be telling you about why I do not ship SpottedXFire. So let’s get started.
Reason Number 1: The Age Difference
As you know, Spottedleaf is about four to five years older than Firestar. So SpottedXFire is like a high schooler dating a middle-aged woman, which is . . . weird. In fact, even Sandstorm, Spottedleaf’s niece, is older than Firestar. Although some do argue that cats do not care about age differences in terms of mating, that does not make sense because these cats are more like people than cats.
Reason Number 2: The Forbidden-ness
Spottedleaf is a medicine cat, which means she is not allowed to take a mate. Even though I think that this rule is seriously dumb, that does not mean the Clans think so. What I mean is, if Spottedleaf and Firestar had become mates, they would have got exiled from the Clans, and then ThunderClan will not have a medicine cat. Or Firestar, with his grand prophecy. Therefore if SpottedXFire is not good for the Clans as a whole. (sorry if that didn’t make any sense) Besides, forbidden ships are overused in the series, and although I do like ships such as BristleXRoot, I think that SpottedXFire is an unnecessary ship.
Reason Number 3: Spottedleaf Is Dead
Yes, Spottedleaf is undeniably DEAD. So a dead cat dating a living cat, I think, is very strange. Not to mention that Spottedleaf can visit Firestar only through his dreams. And for those who argue against that, *spoilers* Spottedleaf died for a second time (saving Sandstorm which I appreciate) and now, she is literally gone from existence.
Reason Number 4: They Are Just Acquaintances (will get a little excited sorry)
Think about it. Firestar and Spottedleaf don’t have enough interactions for them to actually fall in love. A crush, sure, but not love. Although I am a fifth grader and know virtually nothing about romance, I’m pretty sure you have to have some kind of bond to fall in love. Or maybe I’m weird. But I don’t believe in love in first sight. All Firestar and Spottedleaf talked about were HERBS. Like as in ‘—— has a sore throat’, ‘—– has a thorn in their pad’. And Spottedleaf would shyly give him a bundle of dock leaves or whatever he needed, and Firestar, BREATHING IN HER SWEET SCENT, I might add, would timidly mumble a thank-you. That is IT. Even if they had some major interaction, I’m pretty sure there were only one or two.
So that’s it for my article. Thank you for reading it, and have a good day!

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