[a painted headshot of Brightheart]

Renaming ALL the cats with cruel names(except the one cat who doesn’t deserve it) by Shiverpaw

Shiverpaw gives new names to characters who had been given cruel ones.

[a painted headshot of Brightheart]
Art by ashkey
[a painted headshot of Brightheart]

Hello, Snowy here! I’m pretty sure you’ve seen my other articles(well, mostly sure), and here I am again!

As you can see from my title, I’m going to rename the cats with cruel names(did you hear that, Crookedstar?) and l promise it’ll be nice names!
Here’s the list of cats who need renaming:
Brokentail who doesn’t deserve it so I’ll ignore him
Lostface(I know she already has a name, which is Brightheart, but I still want to rename her)
And now let’s get started!

Crookedjaw, the poor tom who twisted his jaw when he was only a kit, was not always named Crookedkit. Those of you who have read Crookedstar’s Promise know that tiny Stormkit was spoiled by Rainflower before twisting his jaw, and he was cruelly renamed by his own mother, which would be a crippling blow. Then, because of his promise to Mapleshade, he lost nearly all of the cats he cared about. Wait a second… why am I talking about THIS?! THIS IS TOTALLY UNRELATED TO THE TOPIC! Anyway, he is described as a huge, glossy, thick-furred, lean light brown tabby tom with a pale brown belly and emerald green eyes. He has a nick in his ear and a twisted jaw. So I’d name him Pinekit, for his wood-colored fur and emerald green eyes. As a warrior, his name would probably be…DRUMROLL PLEASE… Pineapple! Okay, just joking, I wouldn’t ACTUALLY name him that. A better name would be Pineblossom (even though that sounds like a she cat’s name, and Pineblossom is a senior warrior in Blogclan. Sorry, Pineblossom!)for his determination, or Pinebark, which is suitable for his pine wood colored fur, though pine is darker. No wait, is it just me or does Pinebark sounds kinda weird? Hmmmm… I know! Pineneedle is his new name! Now does that sound good or what? Smiling Crookedstar:)

Next is Deadfoot, deputy of Windclan. As a tom born with a twisted paw, Hopkit had it tough. This dedicated kit even suggested becoming a medicine cat in order to serve his Clan, but his offer was refused by Hawkheart, who encouraged him to become a warrior by telling him that Windclan doesn’t need another medicine cat. So Deadfoot, who was just named Deadpaw, worked hard to make up for his twisted paw. He embraced his new name, whereas another cat would’ve been furious. He deserved to be deputy. He is a small, lean black tom with a twisted, unusable left front paw and bright blue eyes(eye color confirmed by Vicky!). So I think some suitable prefixes would be Stormy—, Smoke—, Raven—, Dark—, and Stream—. I’m going to choose Dark—, since he IS dark-furred. Hmmm… his warrior name is going to be… Darkcloud? This one refers to the storm clouds. Or Darkecho? It sounds EXACTLY like a cave. Darksky and Darkstream can both refer to his blue eyes, and they’re both pretty. Which should I choose? Oh actually wait, it’s coming… yes! Darkmist! Just like his childhood, dark and misty, damp and confusing. Purr-fect for him!

Brokentail doesn’t deserve to be a warrior so I’ll name him Shadow Breaker or Destroyer because he destroyed Shadowclan. Just to let you know, I hate him and he is one of my least favorite characters.

Alright, let’s go on ignoring him. Let’s talk about Lostface, the poor she cat who lost one eye and has scars all over the right side of her face. According to the description, she is a white she-cat with ginger patches along her back, a ginger tail, and thick, soft fur. She has one shredded ear, huge claw marks scored across her muzzle, a single blue eye, and fur torn away from the right side of her face. Not a pleasant image to imagine, right? Alright, she gained these injuries from fighting a WHOLE PACK of dogs. Only. Her. And. Swiftpaw. Two apprentices, against a whole pack of dogs! Yet she found the strength to go on, without Swiftpaw, who died in the fight. Well, I admit she got a little—or, probably a lot—of help from Cloudtail. But I still admire her. Sooooooo I’m naming her Brightgaze, a reminder of how she always looks forward.

That’s all for today, have a good day/night, and bye!
Please let me know what you think about the names!!!
Snowy out!

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    Great article! I like these names, though I do think Brightheart was the perfect name for Lostface.