[Brightheart cuddles into Cloudtail in the forest]

BEST and WORST Relationships! by Sunheart

Sunheart lists the best and worst relationships in the series.

[Brightheart cuddles into Cloudtail in the forest]
Art by GrayPillow
[Brightheart cuddles into Cloudtail in the forest]

Hello, Blogclan! This is Sunheart with my second article. In my previous article, I covered the TwigxFin relationship, and it inspired me to do a review of more ships! I’ll be ranking the top two best and worst relationships throughout the Warriors series. But before I start, I have some honorable mentions: FernxDust, and FirexSand!


CloudxBright! Cloudtail saw Brightheart through her hardest times. He loved her no matter what, and taught her how to love herself in turn. THEY ARE JUST SO AWESOME! They are the greatest and most supportive couple, and their love story is so inspiring! They are also great parents, and raised so many efficient and loyal warriors.

SorrelxBracken! In my personal opinion, this is about the most modern and stable relationship EVER. Throughout their relationship, they’ve always worked together and never gave up on eachother. Sorreltail makes many hilarious comments about their relationship like:

“I don’t need poppy seeds. Brackenfur’s snoring practically does the trick for me.” Sorreltail had stated to Leafpool happily, which is hilarious. In the fourth series, they run an exercise together on separate teams, and when Sorreltail’s team beats Brackenfur’s they tease each other lovingly. They may have been side characters, but they are still my number two ship!


PinexLeopard. *a very long, depressed sigh* Pinestar is literally TEN STARCLAN FORSAKEN YEARS OLDER THAN HER!!! In normal human years, this age gap isn’t that bad, but in CAT years? Starclan save me. He was taking interest in her when she was an APPRENTICE! Surveys say the average elder age is ten years. Pinestar was ten when Leopardfoot became a warrior, and when they became mates! That’s like a senior citizen marrying a highschool student! In cat years their age difference is around fifty five years! And then as soon as Tigerkit comes along he’s all, “Sorry honey, but I gotta go! You’ll be fine right? Don’t tell people I’m an absent Dad, okay? Love you, bye!”

StormxMoon. Stormtail STOLE Moonflower and Sunstar’s connection! They were a perfect couple! No. Just stop. THEN guess what? As soon as she gives birth to their kits he CHEATS ON HER! WOW! As soon as you have kits you’re no longer interested in her… My point is, Sunstar would never! It’s partially her fault too, since at any point in time she could have gone back to be with Sunstar. *another long, sad sigh*

Well, that’s about it! Thanks for reading! Sunheart, out! *Poofs into thin air*

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  • Love that article, I totally understand your opinions 👍

    • Yes! SpottedxThistle is disgusting!

  • I agree with this! And I absolutely hate Moonflower x Stormtail and Pinestar x Leopardfoot, especially the latter.. Leopardfoot deserves so much better

  • Stormtail never canonically cheated on her, but he was shown to be affectionate to Dappletail… Great article otherwise! And actually… if you called out PineLeopard’s age gap but put SorrelBracken in the “best” category, I’ve got some news for you. Sorreltail was a kit when Brackenfur was a warrior.

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