Happy Clanniversary, BlogClan!

Happy Clanniversary BlogClan!!

Hello everyone! Welcome to a collaboration post organized by Rosepaw/fern and written by Willowstripe, Silverdusk, Hazypaw/mist and Dawnpaw/wind. I am Willowstripe and I will be leading you through the post.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day today! Today is August 31st, 2023. It is in fact a special day. Today is BlogClan’s 15th Clanniversary! The first post ever created in BlogClan history was on August 31st, 2008. Check it out here.

I can not believe that this Blog has reached its 15th year already! Time flies by so fast! 

Today our fellow kits, apprentices, warriors, and senior warriors will be sharing the best parts of BlogClan. Enjoy!

What are the Best Things About The Blog?

We will start by talking about the best things in the blog. I think that some of the finest parts are how kind and how supportive people are. What do you think is the best part about the blog? Let’s see what some people we interviewed had to say:

“Personally, my favorite thing about the blog is how everyone is so kind and accepting! We are truly like a huge family that can just joke around and support each other! There are such a wide variety of people here – people with different ethnicities, sexualities, pronouns, personalities, etc. No matter who we are, we fit together very well! I love chatting with everyone and I just cannot believe this community is so kind and nurturing!”


“I love the blog because it welcomes everyone. <3 Everyone is kind and helpful, and it is just amazing!! I can not believe how kind everyone is and how accepting all of you are, it truly brings a smile to my face! You help people when they are down, and make sure no one is left out. <3 I just love everyone, and my life would not be the same without it. Thank you! <3”


“My favorite thing about the Blog is how everyone is open to any opinions! Whether it is in the articles or other pages, no one is going to judge you for it. You have the freedom to write what you can!”


“My favorite thing about the Blog is how it’s such a safe and happy community! Everyday, I’m amazed at how sweet, kind, and accepting BlogClanners are! People always respect each other’s opinions, which is unfortunately quite a rare sighting nowadays, especially over the internet. I love to chat and have fun with other BlogClanners. <3”


“My favorite thing about BlogClan would probably be… everything about it! It’s full of amazing people who do and say amazing things, and are overall just super friendly and… it’s truly an incredible place! From the most shadowy corner of the Hug Page to the most bustling pages of the Tavern, you can see BlogClan’s light everywhere on the website. People are just superb there, and if you’re on BlogClan, you can safely assume that you are amazing too!”


The community!”

~Ospreysplash, Eagleflight, Redblaze, Moonbreeze, Tinyfrost, Sunbreeze, Lilybreeze, Echoheart, Snowbreeze, Dovestream, and Spiritpaw 

The friendliness and positivity of BlogClan!”


“The connections I’ve made and continue to make!”


“The Tavern, Blogchat, and the Positivity Page!”


“I think the community, the pages, and the fact that every comment is moderated. The community is so welcoming and wonderful, and the moderated comments make everything feel really safe and secure.”


“The people! We have the kindest community! The mods! They run this place so well! And every little detail that makes this place feel like a second home!”


“I love that in the blog, we can talk to others who share the same interest, Warriors! I also love that each and every BlogClanner is sweet, kind and awesome which creates a safe place for us to hang out and get to know each other!” 


My favorite thing about the blog is the BlogClanners! Everyone here is so kind and positive. 😀” 


“The art page or the tavern! Both are great places to hang out and talk to people. The Hug page is pretty awesome too.” 


“The fanfic page, I love reading what others write”


Those were some enthusiastic responses! The Blog is a really welcoming place. Every person in BlogClan welcomes new members. They are so kind and supportive of each other. You don’t usually see that everywhere, especially on the web, which is another reason why the Blog is an extraordinary place. I agree with all of your answers.

Our Favorite BlogClan Memories:

Next, we will be discussing our favorite BlogClan memories. My favorite memory is running for Medicine Cat, the Gatherings, and BlogChat. What are some of yours?

“I think my favorite memory was my first published article! If you would like to read it, click here. I had a lot of energy to release and it’s hard to find people in real life who I can rant to without worrying they’ll get tired of it, it was super fun feeling like I could finally release that energy! Also, I loved getting my first ever purr takeover and getting into the Raincloud!”


“My favorite BlogClan memory is when I finally solved all of the secret hunts in BlogClan. I almost jumped out of my chair. 😛 I also loved my first time on BlogChat!”


“Hmm that’s really hard!! Maybe the Gathering, because it was so fun! Or the Elections, because it was awesome to see everyone come together and get so excited over it! Or maybe all the friendships I’ve found here. But really, everyday creates awesome memories for me! Ily guys!”  ”


“I think my favorite blog memory would probably be when I became Apprentice Army second-in-command! It was a really happy moment for me. I’ve always wanted to help out on something in BlogClan, and I believe the Apprentice Army was a great start on my conquest to RULE BLOGCLAN >:D” 


“Playing Gartic Phone with others on BlogChat!”


“I loved being on the Hazelpage, BlogChat, the Gatherings and training to be a mod and having to pretend not to be a mod to BlogClan before we were all announced”


“The Hazelpage and the Gatherings!”


“Meeting a bunch of great friends via writing fanfics and sharing it on the blog! 😊”


“The 2020 BlogClan elections when I ran for Deputy!”


“Gatherings and the days the BlogClan wiki was still active!”


“The Gatherings!”


“Meeting some of my best friends there, the Gatherings, having voice chats and karaoke parties, the mods’ April Fools day this year, many others I’m sure!”


“The August 2022 Gatherings”


“Probably either seeing people enjoying what I write, or going on the hug page and seeing that people care about me!”


“Making friends, generally!! I really love it here, and when I got shout-outs/ran in the elections/got med app in the apprentice army, it made me really happy! 🙂”


“Finding the Blog!”


“The first day I joined and I was shocked to see how NICE everyone was! I had been on the cruel unmoderated internet for so long and this was such a relief!”


“When I got my BlogChat name changed to be  v e r y  l o n g!”


“Probably the roleplays or the cringy little fanfics I’d post!”


“I used to be involved in a roleplay called “An Age of Blood and Bone,” and it is how I met so many of my close friends! I absolutely adored it. I also love the Apprentice Army of course <3 OH and my first time winning the Gathering writing contest!! After the second, Cheetah banned me from participating. 😛”


My favorite blogclan memory was the fun things people post on the tavern and the kind, welcoming words BlogClanners share with each other there.” 


My favorite BlogClan memory was when I first joined and everyone welcomed me and was so friendly! Ooh but it was so exciting when I got my mentor Northfeather, too! And the BlogChat on New Year’s Eve was really cool. Also, the February gathering was pretty fun! I have so many great memories of the blog <3” 


It would be when I was on Apprentice Army page and someone (*cough* Hazypaw *cough*) decided to roast the pineapples in Willowstripe’s name.” 


Wow, those were some wonderful memories of BlogClan. From the Gatherings and the elections and BlogChat to the wonderful times on the Tavern and the chaos of the Hazelpage, a place like the Blog invites fantastic, long-lasting memories! These memories shape who we are today as an individual.

Senior Warriors

Over the many years, there have been many who have joined and left. No matter what, these people showed their dedication to the Blog by staying here for a long time. Every person ever made Senior Warrior deserves shoutouts. They have stayed in the Blog for a long time to show how they have dedicated themselves here and to help younger and newer members. I am so glad these members are here! I love watching them help out the younger and newer people.

Here are all the Senior Warriors:






















Shadeleap (who is also our magnificent deputy)

You are all spectacular!

Thank You Moderators!

BlogClanners always have many thanks to say to all of our wonderful moderators. Here are a few of their thank you speeches from our writers:

The blog would literally fall apart without mods!! They answer questions, mod comments. They care for every single member and deserve all the appreciation ever. ❤️

“Emberdawn: Embix, you are so sweet and kind! You respond to all questions with such patience and always make us smile. I think we all have such a deep level of respect for you! You are literally like a big sister to the entire BlogClan community! 😛

Birchfoot: Aaaa Birchy!! You are so helpful and kind! I always smile whenever I see your comments and because I love to stalk old posts, I always see posts you have made and I am astounded by how friendly and lovely you always are! Thank you! 

Goldenfawn: Goldi, you are one of the sweetest people ever! I love talking with you, and I cannot believe the effort you put into the allegiances!! Changing everyone’s purrsonas, ranks, etc, it must be exhausting but you never fail to do it! Thanks!

Viperfrost: Haha Vip you are not only the original arsonist here but your cheerful and energetic comments raise countless smiles. I love seeing your messages on Discord and your cats are so cute!! 

Mapledrift: Aaaa Map ILYSM! You are sooo fun to talk to and everyone on the blog appreciates your kind, passionate and unwaveringly dedicated personality! You are such a sweet and awesome BlogClanner! 💖

Ospreysplash: Osp, you are soooo funny and kind! Your duck photos, funny comments and caring personality is only part of the reasons why we all adore you so much! TYYYYYY!! <3 

 Darkwing:  You always make me and everyone else laugh, Liv, and add such brightness to our days!! You are not only the owner of Sol, but also the most enthusiastic and sweet person in the world! 

Moonbreeze: Moon, you put so much effort into NTA and it doesn’t go unnoticed! We all enjoy chatting with you and we are so grateful for everything you do. ❤️

Lilybreeze: Lil, you are sooo amazing! You are so dedicated to the Apprentice Army and even made this post! Your helpful and sweet personality is truly something special, and we are so lucky to have you! 

Pineblossom: PINE AAAA!! You are so thoughtful and caring! ILYSM and we all enjoy your company here! I hope we get the opportunity to chat in the future :))) We love you! 💙

Snowbreeze: If you looked up what the definition of “awesome” is, it would be Snowbreeze! Snowy, you are a loved, kind and EPIC member of BlogClan! We are so glad to have you here! 💛

Eagleflight: Aquila, you are AMAZING. You have the most awesome display names and put endless effort into your birthday posts!! We all love you so much and appreciate everything you do <3”


“Every single mod deserves appreciation for everything they’ve done!

Emberdawn: Embix, you’re so kind and helpful!! You’re amazing, and everyone appreciates what you do for us. ILYSM, the blog wouldn’t be the same without you!!

Birchfoot: Birchy, you are so friendly!! I love seeing your comments and thank you for doing everything you do!! Your so kind, and ILYSM<3

Goldenfawn: Goldi I can’t believe how much effort you put into making the allegiances!! It’s truly amazing, and I love seeing your comments, it makes me smile

Viperfrost: Vip you are truly amazing, you’re funny, kind, arson-y, and the blog wouldn’t be the same without you!! As I’ve said for Goldy, I can’t believe how much effort you put into the allegiances, it’s awesome!

Mapledrift: Map, you’re so appreciative, kind, friendly and a great person overall!! You’re very speedy and I love to see your comments, it brings a smile to my face!

Ospreysplash: Osp you’re a great writer AND artist!! You’re funny, kind, very speedy and ILYSM!! You’re awesome TYSM for all you do to the blog <3

Darkwing: Liv you’re so funny, an AMAZING artist, a great person, and overall an awesome person in general!! I love seeing your comments, and just keep on being awesome. <333

Moonbreeze: Moon, all your effort in NTA is crazy, I can’t believe how much time you spend doing it, you’re such a kind person and you spread positivity everywhere you go! Thank you so much Moon, you’re the best!

 Lilybreeze: Lils, you are amazing!! You put so much effort into keeping the Apprentice Army in line, and you’re also funny and ILYSM!! Without you I wouldn’t be second-in-command of the Apprentice Army.

Pineblossom: Piney!! You’re so helpful and funny and AWESOME!! I love seeing your comments, they bring a smile to my face!! The blog couldn’t be the same without you <3.

Snowbreeze: Snowy you’re truly AMAZING you’re funny, active, speedy, and ILYSM, your efforts to make everyone feel included are amazing, and overall you’re an awesome person <3

Eagleflight: Aquila is speedy, funny, helpful, friendly and so many other things!! She’s a great friend and ILYSM Aquila <3333 Thank you for everything you do. 😀”


“Oh my gosh, the mods are like the core of the Blog, they make sure we stay happy and kind to each other, they answer our questions and help with articles and fanfics, put up other fun stuff and also just have conversations! They’re all so awesome, and I am so grateful for everything they do!!!!!! 

Emberdawn: Embix, you are so kind and patient, and you actively answer questions so kindly, you’re always so patient and understanding! Also on the articles page, you’re so patient and generous, working hard to schedule articles and write out the schedules, to look through the articles to make sure they’re not cut off and meet the requirements, and to add and delete things to and from them, you’re always there, and you do it wonderfully! 

Birchfoot: Birchy!!! Again with the articles page, doing all that work on the articles and being so patient and diligent about it! Also, you’re just a cheerful and funny person, and when you pop in for a visit to the Tavern or the Pawsitivity Page, you bring a smile to my face! 

Viperfrost: Vip, you’re so funny! I love reading your comments! Also, you work so well on the allegiances, and some Clanniversaries too! 

Goldenfawn: Goldi, you are so sweet, kind, and patient, answering our questions about the allegiances and beyond, and bringing smiles to us on BlogClan! Also, you work so hard making the Allegiances awesome, making sure everyone has a chance to be included and organizing it and putting it all together, so that it’s just perfect! TYSSSM!!! 

Mapledrift: Map, you are so funny, especially with the showcase for your love of pancakes :P, but you also put your share of effort into the BlogTeam, and it’s an awesome one— Finding BlogClanners and conducting extensive interviews with them, then probably editing and putting interviews together to make sure it looks clean also portrays all the awesome work put into it! 

Lilybreeze: Lil, you are a pleasure, really funny, and have helped us out so much in the Apprentice Army, making our elections and keeping the group intact! Also, you work so hard on the Clanniversary posts and the Blog Monthly!! Also, you’re just so sweet and funny in general, and you make me smile so much!!!!!! TYSSSM!!! 

Pineblossom: Piney! You are so wonderfully kind, pawsitive, and helping others be pawsitive too! I love the prompts and fun videos etc you post on the Raincloud! And your scavenger hunt to the Raincloud is wonderful too—So well-written! And, not to mention all the effort you put in with all of your blog monthly things!!!! Thank you, Piney!! 

Ospreysplash: Osp, you are so funny, cheerful, energetic, and as well as your mod duties, you also contribute so much fun stuff to the Tavern, and it lifts my heart reading it!! Also, thank you for all of the hard work you put into the Official Rotation!!! You have such good ideas!!!! 

Eagleflight: Aquila, you are super speedy and also funny and kind! You do such a good job with birthdays!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, it must be so draining to make posts almost every day (Sometimes multiple times per day!) Searching for good cake images to attach to every post! Also, attaching all your gifts to the right posts and making sure they’re at the right time! And you do that all so wonderfully!!

Snowbreeze: Snowy, you’re so so funny!! Whenever you post you make me smile and laugh! And you’re speedy too! TYSM Snowy! <33 

Moonbreeze: Moon!!!!! You’re so fun,  so creative and do so well with NTA! Thanks so much!!! 

Darkwing:  Liv, you’re a super speedy mod, and super fun! You bring so much good vibes to the Tavern and Pawsitivity Page, and have an awesome sense of display name emojis!!!!! 

All of you: Oh my gosh I just couldn’t hold this in— I couldn’t pawssibly thank you enough! From making birthday and Clanniversary posts, to running games to just generally modding comments, you are so awesome and are the huge reason the blog is the wonderfully pawsitive and accepting and comforting home it is!!!!!! TYSSSSM!!!! ❣️❣️💖️”


“Thank you to every moderator, from past or present, for your hard work to keep BlogClan safe. I appreciate your hard work. You are doing very well moderating the site, the BlogClan Wikipedia, and Discord. Keep up the good work.

Emberdawn: I value your dedication to the blog. You have been a moderator for 7 years now! I also enjoy your patience to think through the questions on the BlogTeam and Warrior Articles page.

Birchfoot: You are a really cheery person. You are really kind and I love your new display name! Also, thank you for answering questions about articles.

Viperfrost: I appreciate your work on the allegiance. I enjoy how funny and energetic you are.

Goldenfawn: I value your work on the allegiance too! I enjoy your sweetness and kindness.

Mapledrift: Map, it is great to see that BlogClanner in the Spotlight is back! I like your positivity.

Lilybreeze: I like how warm-hearted you are. I value your work on the Blog Monthly. Also, I see your good efforts to try to get yourself back on track with Clanniversaries.

Pineblossom: I also value the work you put into the Blog Monthly. It’s excellently written. I also love your sweetness.

Ospreysplash: I love how playful and funny you are. You are also a great host for the Official Rotation game.

Eagleflight: I adore the time you put into each birthday post, even if you are on vacation. I love your positivity and kindness. I enjoy chatting with you on the Viperdiner.

Snowbreeze: I appreciate your tender and warmhearted comments. You are really nice!

Moonbreeze: I value your time for hosting the Name That Apprentice game. You are also really friendly.

Darkwing: I like your vibes. You are very fun to chat with.

Kat: You are really amicable. You are incredible!

Thank you! <3”


The whole community loves all the moderators. They are highly respected and keep BlogClan child friendly. We always greet them excitedly when we see one online. You all deserve a break one day.

A lot of people mentioned the amazing community and the people of BlogClan. It all started as a place to talk about Warriors Cats, and here we are, at the fifteenth year of BlogClan, and it grew into something greater than that. It became a secondary home, a place to go when we are feeling sad or lonely, when we want to talk to people that do not judge us based on how we look or where we are from, and just a place to say what you want or need to say. It started out small, like many things, and fifteen years later, it is still growing and getting stronger. BlogClan is truly a fabulous place.

It is phenomenal to see all these BlogClanners come together to create this post in less than a month!

Please give a big round of applause to Rosepaw/fern for organizing collaboration, Silverdusk for editing and writing, and Willowstripe for creating the planning document, writing, and editing the long post. Thank you to everybody we interviewed and those who added an entry! Lastly, a huge thanks to all of you – you are all a part of what makes this spectacular site home!!

Here’s a little message from Silverdusk and Willowstripe before we wrap up:

“I have been a part of the blog for nearly 2 years and I have savored every single moment. You guys always make me smile and I don’t know what I would do without having this awesome community. Thank you to everyone for making this place so special! ❤️”


“I have been a part of BlogClan for more than two years now! I have enjoyed every moment talking with everyone here, especially Warriors Cats. Writing fanfiction with everyone here is also fun. The Blog’s positivity makes me smile everyday. Thank you for making BlogClan special. <3”


Happy 15th Clanniversary, BlogClan! We hope you all stick around for many more Blogaversaries to come! <3

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