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Flamepaw compares songs cats and scenes to songs from the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton.

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Heya, Cheddar Goblins!! It’s Flam back again, with my second article! This time, I’ll be comparing Hamilton songs/characters to Warriors characters/scenes/etc.! I’m really excited about this article, so let’s go!!
First of all, let’s start with the very first Hamilton song, Alexander Hamilton! I’m just going to warn you guys now, some of these songs DO have swear words, so listen at your own risk!

Here’s how I think we could associate this with Warriors! This one was kind of easy, and I’m surprised there’s not a MAP or anything for it (correct me if I’m wrong; there might be a MAP for this)!
I think that this kind of fits Firestar and his life’s accomplishments. And no, this isn’t because 
Hamilton’s the main character of his musical and Firestar’s the main character of Warriors, but because I feel that it truly fits him. Here’s how:
Alexander Hamilton was born on the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts and Nevis, back then a British colony known as Nevis. (Yes, I am a history nerd. Are you most likely going to suffer because of that? Yes. One-hundred percent. 😉) Firestar was born in Twolegplace as a kittypet named Rusty. Throughout this song, Hamilton is referred to as an immigrant, just like, for a while, Firepaw/heart was referred to as a kittypet in ThunderClan (and sometimes the other Clans). One of Burr’s lines is, “Another immigrant comin’ up from the bottom,” which fits Firestar a lot, because, just like Hamilton, Firestar was a kittypet (well, Hamilton obviously wasn’t 😛) who, “rose from the bottom” to become a warrior, and later deputy, and then leader of ThunderClan.
So, who’s who in this song? Great question!
I think that the character in Warriors who best suits Burr in this song (and honestly, the plot of Hamilton) is Onewhisker/star. Just like in Hamilton between Hamilton and Burr, Onewhisker and Fireheart were really close friends. Then a while later, Onewhisker becomes Onestar and starts acting like a jerk to poor Firestar. Not cool, man. And just like Onestar and Firestar, Hamilton and Burr were besties until Burr replaced Hamilton’s father in-law as New York’s senator, which kind of sparked their rivalry, and later Hamilton votes for Thomas Jefferson in the presidential election of 1800, breaking the tie between Burr and Jefferson, making Jefferson president. Hamilton and Burr later duel, with Burr killing Hamilton, who forfeited by shooting towards the sky, and later shows Burr regretting it. While Onestar didn’t kill Firestar, he metaphorically “shot” Firestar by rejecting his friendship and being harsh to both Firestar and his Clan, and just like Burr, Onestar was kind of portrayed as a “villain” because of both of their actions but both Burr and Onestar regretted what they had done. Aaaaaanyways, we’re gonna get to that later, but of course I started rambling off about Hamilton because of course I did. 😛
Okay, now that we’ve matched up Burr and Onewhisker for our first song, let’s tackle the second person to make an appearance: John Laurens! John Laurens was a kind and loyal friend to Hamilton and believed in ending slavery and starting an all-black army battalion. Unfortunately, Laurens dies in a gunfight with some British soldiers after the Revolutionary War is won by the colonies, and his dream dies with him. 🙁 This one was kind of hard to match to, but one thing that stood out to me was this line that Laurens says: “Me? I died for him.” So we know that Hamilton is Firestar, and Burr is Onewhisker. So basically, Laurens is saying that he died for Firestar. I’m thinking that the best Warriors character to fit this would be Whitestorm. Whitestorm was a loyal deputy and friend to Firestar, and he died fighting the BloodClan deputy Bone in the Great Battle against BloodClan. I think this fits Laurens quite well. What do you guys think?
So, here’s what we’ve got so far: Hamilton ⟶ Firestar, Burr ⟶ Onestar, and Laurens ⟶ Whitestorm. So far, so good!
So, next up, we’re doing Thomas Jefferson. In Hamilton, Jefferson is very flamboyant, arrogant, and argues (A LOT) with Hamilton. I always immediately associate Jefferson with Tigerstar II, but that’s just me, probably. 😛 Buuutttt, Tiger 2 never really fought (either verbally or physically) with Firestar, so that doesn’t make sense. I think the best-fitting character for this would be Longtail. Longtail verbally (and physically) fought with Firestar–back then, Rusty–so that would make sense! And later on, Longtail fought alongside Firestar as an ally. I think that sounds pretty cool! Right? It’s not just me, right?
Okay, so we have James Madison now. Please remember that this is just for THIS song, and the only line that reveals a bit of his personality here is the line, “We fought with him”. I think that Graystripe might be a good one for that! Graystripe fought alongside Firestar but also sometimes fought against him. Don’t forget that when Graystripe was sneaking out to see good ‘ol Silverstream, Graystripe and Firestar–Fireheart, at the time–argued a lot. And when Graystripe was a part of RiverClan for a brief time, ThunderClan and RiverClan fought over Sunningrocks, and Fireheart and Graystripe fought them, buuuuut Graystripe kinda refused to fight, so he got booted from RiverClan and went back to ThunderClan. 😛
So, let’s see what we’ve got now! Ahem. *clears throat* Hamilton ⟶ Firestar, Burr ⟶ Onestar, Laurens ⟶ Whitestorm, Jefferson ⟶ Longtail, and Madison ⟶ Graystripe! Whoo! We are on a roll! I’m gonna skip doing Lafayette and Mulligan, because technically only two people say, “We fought with him;” they just each play two different characters. 😛
Okay, now who do we have? Oh, I know! Eliza! Since this song is kind of about Firestar (or, at least, how we’re writing it), I think it’s only fitting that Eliza is Sandstorm. Both of them cared a lot about their husband/mate and both outlived their romantic partner!
And then we have George Washington. I think that this one suits Bluestar a lot, or maybe Ravenpaw. The line George said that spoke to me the most was, “Me? I trusted him”, which could really fit a lot of characters, but I think that the best-fitting Warriors character for Washington would be Bluestar. Why? Because, if we look into the whole musical, Washington was Hamilton’s commander and a bit of a father figure, and most certainly a friend. Bluestar was Firestar’s leader and mentor, and the two were good friends and Clanmates, and I like to think that Bluestar was a bit of a mother figure for Firestar. <3
Okay, now there are two other people who say, “Me? I loved him”. Those people are Angelica Schuyler, Eliza’s sister, and Mariah Reynolds/Peggy Schuyler. If you look a bit into the history behind Hamilton, it’s said that Peggy and Alexander’s relationship was purely platonic, so we don’t need to worry about that, but there were rumors back in Hamilton’s day about Angelica and Alexander, uh, liking each other. And then there’s the infamous Mariah Reynolds, with whom Hamilton got into an affair with while his wife and kids were visiting Eliza’s parents. I think it’s kind of easy to see who these characters represent in the Warriors world. I think that Angelica would be Cinderpelt, and Mariah Reynolds would be Spottedleaf. Why not the other way around? Well, Cinderpelt supported Sandstorm and Firestar’s relationship, just as Angelica supported her sister and Alexander’s relationship. And then Mariah Reynolds… I’m not a huge fan. She literally made Alexander cheat on his own wife. Spottedleaf kinda stalked Firestar even after she died and when Firestar became mates with Sandstorm. Even if Spottedleaf was redeemed for it, it’s still really creepy.
Whoo! I think that’s it! Now, let’s see what we’ve got! Ahem:
Hamilton ⟶ Firestar, Burr ⟶ Onestar, Laurens ⟶ Whitestorm, Jefferson ⟶ Longtail, Madison ⟶ Graystripe, Eliza ⟶ Sandstorm, Washington ⟶ Bluestar, Angelica ⟶ Cinderpelt, and Mariah ⟶ Spottedleaf! Awesome!

Next, I’m going to do the second song (wow, no way! 😛), and one of my favorites, Aaron Burr, Sir! I think a great Warriors scene for this song is Rusty/Firepaw joining ThunderClan, but there’s already a MAP for that, and I wanna come up with something original. Gimme a second to think…
Okay, let’s see! Hamilton is obviously Fireheart, Graystripe can just be a bit nonexistent in this, Burr is Tallstar, maybe Laurens can be Onewhisker because they’re buddies for a while, uh, Mulligan can be Deadfoot because why not, and I was thinking Graystripe could be Lafayette (“I came from afar just to say “Bonsoir”!), but that wouldn’t really work, so how about we just make Lafayette Deadfoot because I imagine him to have a French accent (don’t ask), and then we turn Mulligan into Mudclaw! Yeah, I like that idea!

Nice! I like that! Now which song to do? I don’t want to be one of those boring people who just does all of the songs, and in the exact order, so let’s do Satisfied!! I love Satisfied, so this’ll be fun!  Gosh, I just love this song! Angelica really is an awesome sister! Okie-dokie! I’ve had an idea for this song for a while: Hamilton is Berrynose, Eliza is Honeyfern, and Angelica is Poppyfrost! Oh, and Mousewhisker can be John Laurens because why not! I really like this idea!

Okay, I’m only going to do a few more so that you guys aren’t staring at your computers/phones all day, so let’s do another of my favorite songs: You’ll Be Back!! (King George III is the best character in all of Hamilton and we all know it >:))
Okay, this song might not have been the best one to pick, because there weren’t any colonies or a king in Warriors, but I think this song kind of fits Ashfur. Think about it! When Ashfur is the “king” of the Clans as the Impostor, he sends dogs after Sparkpelt, starts a bunch of battles, kind of is the reason Nightheart is so emo (😛), and also exiled a bunch of cats, just to name a few things. The line, “I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love” stood out to me, because can’t we all imagine Ashfur saying that? 😛 I love thinking about Ashfur in King George III’s outfit and with the scepter too. It makes me laugh every time. 😛 You know, I really need to draw that sometime! Anyways, don’t you think it’s perfect? And in the chorus parts, with the full ensemble, that can be Ashfur’s ghost army! I love the sound of that!

Okay, let’s do another of my favorites: Non-Stop! Gosh, I love that song!
Okay, so I kind of want to associate this with Dawn of the Clans because of the lines, “For the notion of a nation we now get to build,” showing how they are building a nation, or in DotC, forming the Clans; “Are you aware that we are making his’try?”, which is kind of self-explanatory; and “They’re asking me to lead”. I think that maybe Hamilton could be Thunder, because he can sometimes be really pushy and argumentative and kind of annoying, which is honestly kind of how Hamilton is portrayed in this song. And can we please imagine Thunder saying “Let’s go” for a second? 😛
Then, I wasn’t quite sure about Aaron Burr. Maybe Clear Sky, because Thunder and Clear Sky were kind of rivals in early/most of DotC, and they’re kind of portrayed as rivals here?
Then, Washington is Gray Wing, because they’re both awesome father figures to Hamilton and Thunder, and Eliza would be Violet Dawn for obvious reasons, and then I wasn’t very sure about Angelica. Maybe Hawk Swoop, and “sailing for London” represents her dying in the Great Battle? I’m honestly not sure, but I think that kind of fits! That’s everyone, isn’t it? Yeah, I think it is! Cool!

I’m thinking we do one more song, that song being History Has Its Eyes on You! I love that song, so here ya go!
Man, that song is AWESOME, even if it’s short! I’ve always associated this song with Bluestar talking to Fireheart/star as Bluestar’s dying. The line “History has its eyes on you” has always stood out to me (and it must’ve stood out to Lin-Manuel Miranda, too, since it’s literally called History Has Its Eyes on You! 😛) because StarClan has always been keeping an eye on Firestar ever since he first walked into the forest, and I think that’s kind of Bluestar warning him about the prophecy, “Fire alone will save our Clan”. Plus, I think that the whole part talking about Washington leading his men into a massacre could be Bluepaw being in the patrol that raided WindClan’s camp, resulting in Moonflower’s death. Also, here’s a random fun fact! That massacre Washington is talking about was actually a battle in the French and Indian War! Washington, at the time, a young British soldier, led his men into a battle, and they built a (very bad) fort, and they were later massacred by the French and their native American allies! Yes, you are stuck with a nerd. Is that going to put you in danger? Most likely, yes. >:)

You know what, I’m gonna do JUST ONE MORE, because I really have to do this song!
Okay, that song is… *drumroll*
Burn! I know that’s the only Act II song I’ve done in this whole article, but who cares?! If I do a Part II, I’ll make sure to include more Act II songs, don’t worry!
So, I’ve always associated this song with Mapleshade! Y’know, Mapleshade getting super angry about finding out he was cheating on her/her kits dying, and the line, “I hope that you burn” really stood out to me. I mean, think about it! Mapleshade literally killed Appledusk, so that’s basically foreshadowing what Mapleshade’s gonna do to Appledusk. (In my opinion, he totally deserved it. He was a really horrible cat and he deserves the DF, but that’s a topic for another time 😛)

Whoo! I think I did pretty well with this article! Let me know what you guys think in the comments! Love you guys!!

And remember…
History has its eyes on you!

Flam OUT!!
*Mic drop*
-Flamepaw/spirit 🔥 🔥

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