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Why Leafpool is the Future Mate In Starclan For Crowfeather and is the Best Possible Mate by Gloryshine

Gloryshine shows why Crowfeather will choose Leafpool in StarClan.

Cover made by warriorcatlover345 (Wattpad)
Cover made by warriorcatlover345 (Wattpad)

Hello there Blogclan! I am Gloryshine, and this is my very first article. So, here is one of the most frequently argued topics: Crowfeather’s 3 mates. And I am going to explain to you why Leafpool is the future mate for Crowfeather in Starclan.

So here we go! 😃


‘ “Me? But⎯”
“You walk in my dreams, Leafpool,” Crowfeather whispered. “No . . .” Leafpool breathed. “You can’t love me. I’m a medicine cat.”
And I can’t love you, she thought desperately. But she knew that she did, more than she had ever thought possible. To hear that Crowfeather loved her too was what she wanted more than anything else. ’

SOOOOOOO this may be the young time, but Crowfeather mentioned that she walked in his dreams so soon after Feathertail’s death. So this may mean that Crowfeather finded his love again. Isn’t that strange for a guy to love another cat like a few sunrises after the death of his soon-to-be-mate? I think he secretly loves Leafpool more. He tried to kill himself to go to Starclan to be with Feathertail, and now, he says that he doesn’t mean like that. Huh, strange! It can prove that Crowfeather loves Leafpool more than Feathertail.


‘ “Yes. I’ll come with you.”
Leafpool could hardly bear to look at the blaze of happiness in Crowfeather’s eyes. Did he really love her this much? Her belly twisted with fear. She couldn’t let him down now. She had to go through with this.
“I’ve been scared too,” Crowfeather admitted. “I don’t want to leave my Clan or my friends. I even hoped I might be a leader one day. But more than that, I don’t want to lose you, Leafpool. And there’s no way for us to be together if we stay here.”
Leafpool pressed her side against his, the warmth of his pelt comforting her as she stared into a future that was suddenly dark and terrifying. ’

Leafpool was so scared too, but she told herself that she can’t let Crowfeather down. She loved Crowfeather so much! Crowfeather also admitted that he was scared to let go of clan life, the future of it… But he was ready to do that if it was for Leafpool. Did Crowfeather say that to Feathertail? Did he?

The Last Hope

‘Leafpool looked down at his paws. “Perhaps if we’d stayed together, things would be different.”
Crowfeather’s gaze sparked for a moment, then he sighed. “It was never meant to be.”
Leafpool flinched, but Crowfeather touched his tail to her flank.
“I don’t regret anything,” he murmured. His gaze flicked toward Lionblaze. “Nothing at all.” ’

Okay. So. Even if he declared that the time with Leafpool was over, he still has strong feelings left for her. And I think he meant that he didn’t regret leaving Leafpool because of returning to clans, they could have these proud kits.

A Light In The Mist

‘Feathertail didn’t seem to have heard her mother’s mew. She was watching Crowfeather, her pelt ruffled as though she was annoyed that he was standing so close to Leafpool.’

‘Beside him, Leafpool and Crowfeather were talking softly together. He could barely make out the words, but Leafpool’s mew was warmer now than it had been in the Dark Forest, and she was leaning affectionately against the WindClan tom. Had she been waiting for Feathertail to leave? Her mew thickened as she touched her nose to Crowfeather’s ear.
“Despite everything, I never stopped missing you.”
As Crowfeather touched his nose to Leafpool’s muzzle,’

Oooh. So Crowfeather choose Leafpool to talk in Starclan, not Feathertail! So I think Crowfeather will choose Leafpool as a mate in Starclan.


Other than the evidence within the book, this is my opinion.

1.Feathertail is too loyal to stay away from Riverclan to be with Crowfeather. She has gotten the place in Riverclan, and is respected. She can also have another mate, better mate than Crowfeather who is such a grump in Riverclan.
2.Crowfeather, who was Crowpaw then, was so young to see the death of Feathertail, and he didn’t need to keep the sorrow of the loss. But when Leafpool died, he needed to, because he was the deputy, and if he grieved, Windclan would think that he still has feelings for Leafpool.
3.It lasted long enough for Crowfeather and Leafpool to check their love.

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