[Qibli and Winter lay their heads on Moon's back as she reads a letter by the fireplace]

Giving Wings of Fire characters warrior names(Part two) by Shiverpaw

Shiverpaw gives warrior names to more characters from Wings of Fire.

[Qibli and Winter lay their heads on Moon's back as she reads a letter by the fireplace]
Artist unknown (source: Quotev)
[Qibli and Winter lay their heads on Moon’s back as she reads a letter by the fireplace]

Hi everyone, Snowy here! After a slight break(it was longer than I expected)I’ve decided to go on to Part Two of my article, giving Wings of Fire characters warrior names! As I said in my last article, I’m gonna name the main characters from book six to ten! Alright, let’s get going!

Book six is all about Moonwatcher the Nightwing. As I said, Moonwatcher could be a warrior name, but I’d rather not. The moon is honored in the clans, and having a prefix Moon—(or suffix)is rare. Also, —watcher is a rare suffix, only used once(on Skywatcher). Moonwatcher is quiet, thoughtful, sometimes misunderstood, fierce when her friends are being threatened, and secretive. I think her purrsona would be a dark purplish-blue she cat that looks black, with silvery dapples down her tail and green eyes. And of course, I’d name her Twilightmist, for her beautiful pelt and secretive personality.

Hmmm…next comes misunderstood Winter, the impressive(only to other tribes)Icewing prince. This handsome dragon has had a sadder childhood than most. Disappointing his parents, defending his tribe’s sworn enemies instead of his sister, befriending other tribes—all of this led to his exile. Poor Winter…fierce, cold on the outside, wishes for more attention, heroic to others, an outcast of his own tribe. He’d be a white and silver tabby with pale river blue eyes and a spiky tail. He’d also have a narrow muzzle and a lean body. His name would be Frostbitestream, remarking his eyes, pelt and personality.

Let’s name Peril, the Skywing with firescales next. She was called “a monster” from the moment she was discovered, and her life was ruined by Queen Scarlet(who doesn’t deserve to be queen). Even though she was treated terribly by others, she still did the right thing and helped in killing Scarlet. She’s disdainful, unhappy, misunderstood, lonely, yet she’s still good on the inside. I think she would be a bright reddish-ginger tabby with bright eerie blue eyes, long wavy fur, and a strong, well-muscled, longish, sleek body. As for her name, it would be Brightflare, both for her pelt and personality…I guess.

The next book is about Turtle. This Seawing prince was…the opposite of Winter. Wishing that he didn’t exist, having secret animus powers, and failing Gill, his father(who, by the way, blamed him for something not true), was not a nice start. He was teased sooooo much…poor him. He’s quiet, slowish(hence his name), secretive(? Not sure) and imaginative on the inside, but useless and boring on the outside. I think he’d be a blue-gray tom with mottled cream streaks along his side, with green eyes. He’d be…I dunno, stocky? and wishful. So I’d name him Hopewish, because he has a lot of wishes.

Last but not least, Qibli! How do you pronounce that? Let’s ignore that for now. Qibli was born in the Scorpion Den, home to assassins and thieves. Yet he managed to turn into a great dragon with a lot of intelligence. He TOTALLY DESERVED MOONWATCHER. Winter, on the other paw/talon, does not. He is cunning, but in a good way, funny, warm-hearted, handsome in a warmer way than Winter, and heroic…? Sooooo it’s obvious that a typical Sandwing like him would be dusty cream-ginger, with dark gray eyes and small yellow freckles. He’d be called Sandbreeze, for his warmth and dusty-colored pelt.

Okay, that’s all, have a good day/night, and see you in part three! Hope you tell me what you think, and goodbye!
Snowy out!

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