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How to start Blogclan! by Vanillapaw

Vanillapaw shares a guide for newcomers to the blog.

BlogClan logo made by ShadowFlower
BlogClan logo made by ShadowFlower

Hello, Blogclanners! I’m Vanillapaw/breeze and this is my first article here. There are some new Blogclanners around here and so I thought this article would be great to help them. Let’s start!

So the first thing you should do when you make a Blogclan account is to look at the Welcome page and the FAQ page. It will help you know at least a little about Blogclan and how Blogclan works.

The second thing to do is to make your Blogclan name. Usually here in Blogclan, we make our name as warrior cat names. You can choose the prefix and suffix of your name. There are many prefix and suffix options that you can choose from. If you chose the name that suits you the best, and the name that you like, you can now make your purrsona! Making your purrsona could be hard. So, at first, making your purrsona simple would be better. For example, if your name is Lilymist, your purrsona could be a fluffy white she-cat with pine green eyes. Like this, you can make your purrsona related to your name. I did Lilymist’s fur white because when I think of Lily, it is white. And if you don’t want your purrsona to be simple, you can make it more complex. But I recommend doing that after you know more about Blogclan because there is so much to do on Blogclan other than making your purrsona!

If you have your purrsona and your Blogclan name ready now, you can go to the “Introduce Yourself” page. It is where you can comment to say hi and introduce yourself. On there, you can introduce your Blogclan name and your purrsona. You can write some facts about yourself too! And you can write your favorite and least favorite warrior cat characters. I also recommend seeing some other Blogclanner’s comments and writing yours. Then, you can wait until the mods (moderators) moderate your comment and maybe the next day, you would see the Blogclanners greeting you. You can reply to their comments, like “What is your favorite ship?” or “Do you wanna be friends?”

Oh! And one more thing. There are the ranks in Blogclan:


And here’s how ranks are decided.
Elementary School – Kit
Middle School – Apprentice
High School/College – Warrior
Out of school – Elder

So in your display name, I would recommend you have your display name as (if your name is Lilymist) if you’re a kit, Lilykit/mist / if you’re an apprentice, Lilypaw/mist / if you’re a warrior or elder, Lilymist.

The next thing you can do after introducing yourself and replying to other Blogclanners, is to check out some other pages.

If you click “Need Company?” tab, you will see these pages.

Blogchat: BlogChat will be opened up whenever a moderator is available. You can chat in real-time with your Blogclan friends!

Blogclan Tavern: This is the page for off-topic chat which means you can comment on whatever you’d like! You would see some people talk about what they’re doing today, their thoughts, or about warrior cats!

Allegiances Chat Page: On this page, you can talk about the allegiances, look for a mentor, or look for an apprentice.

Discussion Pages: This is a page where you can go to pages that you like and discuss about them. There are some pages where you can discuss warrior cat books or some pages where you can discuss TV shows or movies!

In the “Feeling Creative?” tab, you can see these pages.

Fan Fiction Page: On this page, you can post your fanfics or read other people’s fanfics.

Fan Fiction Organization Page: If you want to write a fanfic but you don’t have characters, here’s the page where you can ask for some! You can also look for someone who can write a group fanfic project with you!

Blogclan Art page: This is the page where you can look at some art that Blogclanners have made, and look for someone who can draw something if you’d like.

Warrior Games Page: Here, you can play some games like Name that Apprentice (NTA), or the Rotation. (You can host your own game too!)

Submit Your Article Page: This is the page where you can submit your article and ask questions about your article to the Article Tsars, Embix and Birchy.

When you click the “Calendar” tab, you will see these pages.

Birthday/Clanniversary Calendar: These are calendars that show you who’s birthday/clanniversary is.

Send in your Birthday/Clanniversary Date: A Birthday is, of course, the anniversary of when you were born and a Clanniversary is the annual anniversary of when you joined the Blog! So this is the page where you can send in your dates! When it is your birthday or your clanniversary, the calendar mods will post a page about celebrating your birthday/clanniversary! And the Blogclanners will also celebrate you too!

Other pages that you should know:

Ask Blogteam for Assistance: If you have questions about the Blog, or want to know something about the Blog, here’s the place where you can ask the mods! (You can go to this page by selecting the “New Member?” tab.)

Secret Pages: Secret pages are pages you can only find through links! If you want to have a secret page, you can ask for some on the tavern, or you can find them searching up “Blogclan sps”. You can only claim it if the last comment on that secret page was more than a year ago. You could see some Blogclanners host their own games, make their own clan, or just chat there!

So that’s all! I hope my article helped you, and have fun on the Blog!

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