[Ashfur glares while surrounded by fire]

Why I hate Ashfur by Lilyshade

Lilyshade shares their opinion on Ashfur.

[Ashfur glares while surrounded by fire]
Artist unknown (source: Pinterest)
[Ashfur glares while surrounded by fire]

Hi I’m Lilyshade! And this is my first article. (Sorry if it’s bad)

First of all, Ashfur is a disgusting person! When Squirrelflight dumped him (nicely) he started to act abusive to her. My question is why does he like Squirrelflight so badly? And if he truly loved her, he would let her be with Brambleclaw. Also he threated to kill Holllyleaf, Lionblaze and Jayfeather to cause her pain. He was going to tell all four clans at a gathering. But before the gathering, Hollyleaf kills Ashfur and throws him into the lake to keep her secret safe. (One reason I like Hollyleaf!) One thing I can’t stand is that he went to StarClan! Because “he loved her to much” but he never did.

All of that wasn’t even enough for him! He HAD to cause more pain to every cat in the forest just because he couldn’t get over a break up. And they were never even together in the first place! He severed his connection to StarClan, and met Shadowpaw who told him about codebreakers in the clans. Then he takes Bramblestar’s body so Squirrelflght will love him, but it doesn’t work. So he takes her to the place of no stars (A.K.A the dark forest) and keeps her inprisoned there with him. But luckily she escaped the place of no stars with Bramblestar, leaving Ashfur furious.

After that he decides to set his anger on the living Clans as well as The Place Of No Stars and Starclan. Taking the warriors of The Place Of No Stars to battle with StarClan and the other four clans. In this battle, Firestar loses his last life destroying Tigerstar’s soul, Spottedleaf’s soul is lost since she died again saving Sandstorm and lots more devastating things happened. But that battle did not go to waste, since Bristlefrost drowns Ashfur and herself in the lake of The Place Of No Stars. Ashfur’s spirit is finally gone, thanks to Bristlefrost. Now the four clans are free of him. But even though he is gone, his actions left a never ending affect on everyone.

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