[Spottedleaf organizes herbs in the medicine cat den]

The Clans Medicine Cats, Part 1 by Lynxpaw

Lynxpaw lists the medicine cats from the modern clans.

[Spottedleaf organizes herbs in the medicine cat den]
Art by heylorlass
[Spottedleaf organizes herbs in the medicine cat den]

Hi! Lynxpaw/claw here again with yet another article. In this article, that is my third, I will go through all the Medicine Cats from the Clans, from the canon ones, to the Medicine Cat we can track the longest back in time (their mentors, mentors, mentor…, as long back we can go.) I will look how many percent is she-cats and how many is toms. Lets get started!
(Spoilers for all arcs)

Why does ThunderClan always need to be first? I will start with RiverClan, that usually is last in the allegiances. ThunderClan is going to be last, because they alwas steal the spotlite. 😛

Okay, the latest RiverClan Medicine Cat apprentice is Frostpaw, a light grey she-cat. The second latest was Willowshine, a grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Both Willowshine and Frostpaw were Mothwing’s apprentices. Mothwing is a golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes, who trained to become a warrior before becoming a Medicine Cat.
Okay right now it’s 3-0 to the she-cats.
Mothwing’s mentor was Mudfur, he was a long-haired light brown tom and Medicine Cat in RiverClan when Rusty joined ThunderClan. He first trained like a warrior before he decided to become a Medicine Cat. Mudfur’s mentor was Brambleberry, a small white she-cat with black spots and blue eyes and her mentor was Milkfur, a grey and white tabby she-cat.
That is all the RiverClan Medicine Cats we know in a straight line. Milkfur- Brambleberry- Mudfur- Mothwing- Willowshine- Frostpaw.
Of these we have 5/6 she-cats and 1/6 tom. That means that 16,67% of RiverClan’s modern Medicine Cats were toms and 83,33% were she-cats.

A Fact:
3/6 of the RiverClan Medicine Cats, who we know, have trained as warriors (Mudfur, Mothwing and Frostpaw).

WindClan’s latest Medicine Cat apprentice is Whistlepaw, a grey tabby she-cat, who first trained as a warrior apprentice before becoming a Medicine Cat apprentice. The canon Medicine Cat, Kestrelflight, a mottled grey tom with white splotches like kestrel feathers, is her mentor. Kestrelflight’s mentor was Barkface, a dark brown tom with a short tail, who was Medicine Cat in WindClan when Rusty joined ThunderClan.
Right now it’s 2-1 to the toms.
Barkface’s mentor was Hawkheart, who was a stone-grey tom with flecks of darker brown fur. He trained as a warrior before becoming Medicine Cat. And at last, Chiveclaw, who was his mentor, a dark brown tom with yellow eyes.
That is all WindClan’s modern Medicine Cats! Chiveclaw- Hawkheart- Barkface- Kestrelflight- Whistlepaw.
Of these we have 1/5 she-cats and 4/5 toms. This means that 20% of them were she-cats and 80% were toms.

A Fact:
2/5 WindClan Medicine Cats, that we know, have trained as warriors (Hawkheart and Whistlepaw)

I will only do modern SkyClan’s Medicine Cats.
Fidgetflake is the latest SkyClan Medicine Cat. He is a black and white tom with yellow eyes. His mentors were Frecklewish, a mottled light brown she-cat with spotted legs, and Echosong, a silver-grey tabby she-cat with a white chest and green eyes. Echosong was also Frecklewish’s mentor, and was the cat StarClan chose to be the first Medicine Cat of modern SkyClan. Frecklewish was a Daylight warrior and trained as a warrior apprentice at first. Then she left her twolegs to become a Medicine Cat.
There are only three modern SkyClan Medicine Cats. Echosong- Frecklewish- Fidgetflake.
Of them, 1/3 are toms and 2/3 are she-cats. 33,33% are toms and 66,67% are she-cats.

A Fact:
1/3 modern SkyClan Medicine Cats, that we know, have trained as warriors (Frecklewish)

Hope you liked my article. I am going to make a part two that is going to be about ShadowClan and ThunderClan that will be published at about the same time as this. It would be to long if i included them here. Read it if you liked this!

Lynxpaw out!

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