[Bristlefrost drifts in the dark water with a tearful smile]

Some of the saddest deaths in Warriors by Specklecloud

Specklecloud lists the deaths they thought were the saddest in the series.

[Bristlefrost drifts in the dark water with a tearful smile]
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[Bristlefrost drifts in the dark water with a tearful smile]

Hi, Specklecloud here!

This is my first post, and I will be talking about what deaths I think was the saddest!

Remember that English is not my original language, and I’m not the best writing in English either :,)

(Just as you know, these are my personal opinions, and it’s totally fine to have a different meaning!)


#5 Frostpaw

I know what some of you may be thinking, we’re not 100% sure she’s dead, since it hasn’t been continued any more, but the way she found out that Reedwhisker was killed, and on her way to Whistlepaw to talk about it, it just makes me sad, how she was this close 🤏 to finding out Riverclans traitor.

#4 Reedwhisker

The way it’s mentioned in “Shadow”, he doesn’t wanna fight back when he’s about to get murdered, because it was recognition in his eyes. By the way you read it in the books, you could know that Reedwhisker was a loyal cat even if you hadn’t read any of the books, just the page he died.

#3 Stonefur

You’ll see longer down in this post, that I think the ones that sacrifices themselvs are the saddest. When Tigerstar (TPB) commands Stonefur to kill Stormpaw and Featherpaw, he sacrificed himself to save the apprentices. One of my favorite quotes in Warriors, is this.
“You’ll have to kill me first, Tigerstar!”

#2 Feathertail

As I said, I think the ones that sacrifices for someone/something is the saddest. The way Feathertail killed Sharptooth was amazing, yet very sad. Crowpaws reaction was the worst. I don’t have to say anything more.

#1 Bristlefrost

I won’t say that much cause I think most people know what I mean. The way Rootspring reacted when she drowned. The thing that Rootspring wanted to switch clan to Thunderclan when they got home from the DF. She saved everything, but didn’t get a place in Starclan, cause she died in the DF water.

Well, thank you for reading. If I forgot someone, write them in the comment section.

If you think I need to be better at something, write it in the comment section too, because I’m open for

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