[Tigerclaw/star looks out from a dark tree hollow]

Was Tigerclaw/star responsible for Lionheart’s death? by Lilykit/dawn

Lilykit wonders if Tigerclaw was behind Lionheart’s death.

[Tigerclaw/star looks out from a dark tree hollow]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[Tigerclaw/star looks out from a dark tree hollow]

Yo! It’s Lilykit/dawn, formerly Roseheart/Lilackit. Sorry I couldn’t publish the article I wanted off ‘Problems if Tigerstar the 1st didn’t exist, I feel like u can work that out on ur own. This is currently my 3rd article (2nd one I’m proud of O_o) But, you read the title, Was Tigerclaw/star responsible for Lionheart’s death? So let’s do it. SpOilEr AlErT fOr fIrST SErIEs!!! If you haven’t read the first series then… What are you even doing here?

Alrighty, if you have actually read the series of Warriors then….. YOU BETTER KNOW WHO TIGERSTAR AND LIONHEART ARE ‘CAUSE IF YOU DON’T THEN…. What are you even doing on Blogclan -.-
Whatever, so u guys know that Tigerstar FIRST, key word, the FIRST; was quite keen to be leader and unfortunately murdered Redtail to become deputy. *sniff sniff* But as you know, Tigerstar killed Redtail to become deputy but the next deputy was instead, Lionheart. As you ALSO know, Lionheart was killed in a Shadowclan battle. Woah woah woah, Shadowclan? SHADOWCLAN? Fast forward, Tigerclaw is Shadowclan’s leader, helped Shadowclan, brought Shadowclan to glory, tried to make Shandowclan the best clan, allied with Riverclan to make Shadowclan better and was on Shadowclan’s side…. You’re getting what I mean right? What if…. Tigerstar used Shadowclan to cover it all up in case someone found out? What if Tigerstar was secretly aliying with Shadowclan that long ago?. I mean, it’s kind of suspicious. Two THUNDERCLAN deputies were killed in battle and ONE WITH RIVERCLAN AND ONE WITH SHADOWCLAN. Like- hmmm. ALSO, may I point out, Tigerclaw was in BOTH battles and witnessed BOTH deaths and was “close” to BOTH warriors. Like- huh? Y’ALL GET WHAT I MEAN RIGHT?! (sorry for so many caps lol) Also, we all know that Tigerclaw was next in line for deputy, was in BOTH wars, witnessed BOTH of the deaths AND Ravenpaw (omg i almost put Ravenclaw as in house group from Harry Potter (T-T)) said that he SAW Tigerstar KILL Redtail. Come on, you put two and two together, BOOM! I mean no hate guys sorry! That’s all for today! This is all my opinion and I have suspected this theory for quite a while now so umm, yea. More detailedly, ever since I finished the first series I was like, HMMMMMMMMMMMM. That’s it for today!
-Lily, OUT
P.S. What should be my next article?

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