[Firestar's family tree up until Omen of the Stars]

Is Warriors Genetics Acurate? Part 1 by Duskkit

Duskkit wonders how accurate the genetics of Warriors are.

[Firestar's family tree up until Omen of the Stars]
Artist unknown
[Firestar’s family tree up until Omen of the Stars]

Spoiler alert: Some warrior names and Power of Three spoilers.

Warriors is a series an about fictional cats, so the cat genetics don’t need to be accurate at all. But I’m going to look at the genetics anyway and determine whether or not they are.

*I will not mention eye colors because I have not studied them
*for the purposes of this article I am going to assume Sandstorm’s parents are Redtail and Brindleface.
*male tortoiseshell cats are very rare. They only happen about .4% of the time, when genetics mess up.
*diluted is a gene that changes the color of a cat, for example black dilutes into gray, orange dilutes into cream, and tortoiseshell dilutes into blue-cream.
*in cat genetics, black and brown are the same.

His parents are Nutmeg (a brown and white tabby) and Jake (an orange tabby). Brown is black in cat genetics and Nutmeg has the white spotting and tabby gene. Jake also has the tabby gene as well as the orange gene. Orange is very dominant in male cats so Firestar would be orange. He would also have a 100% chance of being tabby, which he is not.

Her parents are Redtail (a very very rare male tortoiseshell) and Brindleface (a gray tabby). Tortoiseshell means that black and orange are co-dominants, and gray tabby is diluted black tabby. So Sandstorm could have inherited black, tortoiseshell, or orange for her pelt color and she could have been diluted or tabby. Sandstorm is pale ginger (orange).

Squirrelflight/star and Leafpool:
Firestar and Sandstorm are both orange cats, so the kits would both be simply orange. Squirrelflight is dark ginger, which is the same as orange. But Leafpool is a brown tabby with white spots. That translates to a black tabby cat with the white spotting gene. Neither Firestar nor Sandstorm was black, tabby, or white spotted (although Firestar should have been tabby).

Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather:
Their parents were Leafpool (brown tabby with white spots AKA black tabby w/ white spotting gene) and Crowfeather (dark gray cat AKA diluted black cat). All of them would have been brown or black, or, via diluted gene, silver, blue, or gray, and could have tabby stripes or white spots. Lionblaze was a golden tabby tom. He could have been tabby via Leafpool, but not golden, although this could be explained with him being the reincarnation of Lion’s Roar. Hollyleaf is a black she-cat, and Jayfeather is a gray tabby tom.

Alderheart and Sparkpelt:
Squirrelflight was dark ginger (orange). Bramblestar was a dark brown tabby (black tabby). Their kits could have been orange, black, or tortoiseshell, and could have had tabby stripes. Alderheart was dark ginger (orange). Sparkpelt was an orange tabby. Yay, full accurateness!

Cloudtail’s parents are Princess (brown and white tabby AKA black tabby w/ white spotting gene) and Oliver (white). Cloudtail simply was white.

Whitewing, Ambermoon, Dewnose, and Snowbush:
Their parents were Cloudtail (white) and Brightheart (white cat with ginger patches AKA orange cat with white spotting gene). Their kits could have been orange or white and could have has white spots. Whitewing was white. Ambermoon was pale ginger (orange). Dewnose was gray and white (gray w/ white spotting gene). He would need to be diluted black, and neither diluted nor black show up in his parents. Snowbush was simply white.

Ivypool and Dovewing:
Their parents were Whitewing (white), and Birchfall (light brown tabby AKA black tabby). The kits would be white, brown, or black and could have had tabby stripes. Dovewing was a pale gray (diluted black) cat. Diluted does not run in the family, although it is possible that Oliver, Cloudtail, and Whitewing had it but it did not show because the diluted gene not show in white cats. If this is true, then Dovewing is genetically possible. Ivypool was a silver and white tabby (gray w/ white spotting and tabby stripes) cat. If the diluted theory is true, then she is diluted gray, and Cloudtail and Whitewing had the white spotting gene from Princess but it didn’t show because they were already white. If both theories are true, then both sisters are genetically possible.

Bramblestar/claw and Tawnypelt:
Their parents were Tigerstar the first (dark brown tabby AKA black tabby) and Goldenflower (pale ginger tabby AKA orange tabby). The kits could have been brown, black, tortoiseshell, or orange, and would have an 100% chance of being tabby. Bramblestar was a dark brown tabby (black tabby). Tawnypelt was a calico cat. Since she could have inherited black or orange, she could have been a tortoiseshell. But neither of her parents had the white spotting gene, so she would have been just tortoiseshell. She also would have been a tabby.

Fernsong, Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, Spotfur, Snaptooth, and Flywhisker:
Their parents were Lionblaze (golden tabby AKA orange tabby) and Cinderheart (dark gray tabby AKA diluted black tabby). Their kits would have been brown, black, orange, tortoiseshell, or, via diluted gene, yellow, cream, gray, blue-cream, silver, blue, or fawn. They would have a 100% of being a tabby. Fernsong was yellow (AKA cream AKA diluted orange), but he was not a tabby. Hollytuft was black, and it is unknown if she was a tabby or not because tabby stripes don’t show in black pelts. Sorrelstripe was dark brown (AKA black), but wasn’t a tabby. Spotfur was a gray and white tabby (diluted black tabby w/ white spotting gene). The white spotting gene does not show up in any of her parents. Flywhisker is a gray tabby (diluted black tabby). Snaptooth was a golden tabby (orange tabby).

Bristlefrost, Thriftear, and Flipclaw:
Their parents were Ivypool (silver and white tabby AKA diluted black w/ white spotting gene and tabby gene) and Fernsong (yellow AKA diluted orange.). Their kits could have been orange, brown, black, or tortoiseshell but they have a 100% chance of being diluted so they could have been cream, yellow, fawn, gray, silver, blue, or blue-cream and could have had white spots or tabby stripes.
Bristlefrost was gray (diluted black). Thriftear was dark gray (diluted black). Flipclaw was a brown tabby, but he was a Tom who could have been orange so he would have been orange, but he would also need to be diluted so he would be a cream/yellow/fawn tabby.

Well, I’m tired so I will write more in part two! Tell me in comments if any thing if false.

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