[a full-body design of Cloudtail sitting down]

Long Character Discussions 1: Cloudtail by Sandkit

Sandkit takes a look at Cloudtail.

[a full-body design of Cloudtail sitting down]
Art by Drekalder
[a full-body design of Cloudtail sitting down]

Sandkit here with my second article. Today, I will kick-start a new series of articles where I will be writing about characters with a lot of detail. I will talk about kin, ships, backstory, and more.

A brief word about this series:

I will talk about the facts, but in certain sections I will talk about opinions as well. I may group villains, leaders, or other groups together, but this is about all characters.

Kithood (The Prophecies Begin)

Cloudkit was born a kittypet, but when he was a tiny kit, his mother, Princess, gave him to Fireheart to take to ThunderClan. It was not a popular choice because of the Clans’ dislike of kittypets, however most cats stopped protesting and began to accept Cloudkit’s being in ThunderClan. Cloudkit thought that his mother was Brindleface and did not know about his kittypet roots until Darkstripe insulted both his and Fireheart’s ancestry, and then Fireheart explained about kittypets to Cloudkit.
Cloudkit was an adventurous and disobedient kit, and once led his foster littermates out of camp to hunt in a blizzard (and actually caught something).

Apprenticeship (The Prophecies Begin)

Cloudpaw was apprenticed to Fireheart, his only kin in the Clan. He was disobedient, just as in his kithood, disrespectful in ways that might be because of his lack of belief in StarClan, and didn’t put much effort into his training. He snuck into Twolegplace to eat kittypet food, but then got kidnapped by Twolegs and got found by Fireheart with help from Ravenpaw. After that, he began putting effort into his training, and stopped visiting Twolegplace. Bluestar allowed him to become a warrior, but not the other apprentices, indirectly leading to Brightpaw’s injuries and Swiftpaw’s death.
After Brightpaw got injured, Cloudtail was shown to be deeply worried about her, and was mentioned to have been ‘padding after for moons’.

Ship: Cloud x Bright

This ship was first noted when Brightheart was injured, and was a very sweet and healthy relationship, with Cloudtail training Brightheart the be able to fight with one eye. This is my favorite ship, and I loved that Cloudtail never called Brightheart Lostface, and said he would be the first to call out her new name.


Cloudtail’s parents are Princess and Oliver, his siblings are Taylor, Livy, Nami, and Zack, his mate is Brightheart, his kits are Whitewing, Dewnose, Ambermoon and Snowbush. His foster siblings are Ferncloud and Ashfur, although he was never close to them, and his foster mother was Brindleface.


Cloudtail is funny and snarky, and does not believe in StarClan, which I don’t think is neccecarily a bad thing, and his sharp tongue has gotten him in trouble when encountering other cats when patrolling.

My opinions

Cloudtail is my favorite character, and I liked the whole thing about the Twoleg food, and I think Cloudtail is really funny and can lighten a scene but can also get in trouble in the same ways.


Tell me who I should do next and what you thought of the article in the comments below, and I hope you like it. Have a good day/night, and look forward to Article 2!

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