[a panel from a graphic novel of the SkyClan cats looking over a group of kits]

Communication and emotions of warrior cats — Deep analysis by Victoria Pegacorn

Victoria Pegacorn wonders just how the Warriors world communicates.

[a panel from a graphic novel of the SkyClan cats looking over a group of kits]
Official art by James L. Barry
[a panel from a graphic novel of the SkyClan cats looking over a group of kits]

How do cats in “Warriors” express emotions? This question arose when I sat down to write fanfiction about the Warriors and describe the characters’ emotions.

On one hand, warrior cats live in a replica of our world, and many phenomena from our world are perceived through the eyes of cats. Moreover, in this world, cats don’t raise suspicion among humans as a sentient race; humans interact with cats just as they do in real world.

On the other hand, cats possess magic, ancestors, spirits, prophecies, and they themselves think rationally, capable of tactical calculations and engaging in full-fledged communication, not just using signals, although not in the human language. Cats in the book are clearly different from our cats, and it’s strange how the two-legged creatures in their world fail to notice their intelligence.

Do you happen to remember any moments in the book where the heroes smile or shed tears due to sadness? I always imagined them being emotional like humans since they are depicted that way in all the fanart, and it’s difficult to conceive characters with human-like intelligence without emotions. However, if we think rationally, cats don’t possess the physical ability to smile or cry. They express emotions through hissing, different meows, eye expressions, body movements, or purring. But here we encounter a stumbling block: in the book, cats’ meowing is their speech with coherent words and rich vocabulary. When we read someone’s speech in Warriors, it appears as follows: “…,” he/she meowed.

Theory: cats sense each other’s emotions on an incomprehensible level for humans. Remember, they can sense the “scent of fear.” However, fear doesn’t have a scent, and humans cannot detect it unless they see the one who is afraid. Remember when Mapleshade sensed Snowtuft’s fear without seeing him. And blind cats somehow understand the emotions of those around them, as if waves of feelings emanate from them. When people say that “waves of irritation are emanating from someone,” they say it in a more figurative sense. For cats, it is said quite literally, as they often perceive each other’s emotions in that way.

In my opinion, this is a brilliant solution to the question at hand. Not everything conscious in the world revolves around humans. If animals are “humanized,” it doesn’t mean they resemble all-powerful humans. Humans understand animals based on their limited brain capacity. Animals understand humans based on their own brain’s capabilities. Humans cannot comprehend infinity. Animals cannot understand the motives of the strange human race. Cats in Warriors are not “catified” people; their brains think differently, and they understand the world on their own level. To them, the two-legged creatures are not super-gods, but simply strange beings that hinder their lives. Humans consider animals foolish because they perceive the world through their own brains, stereotypes, and worldview. Cats in Warriors communicate and convey information in their unique way, but their speech carries no less meaning than human speech. Cats’s speech and not only speech has been translated to us, the twolegs, into our familiar language. Cats and humans are different species. Different species surely cannot understand each other and communicate fully. Cats in Warriors don’t even understand other animals, considering them more foolish. Similarly, humans don’t understand cats. Perhaps all species are intelligent in their own way but fail to comprehend each other, and each considers the others as fools. Humans know very little about the surrounding world, and old, seemingly plausible beliefs are constantly refuted, and new ones are put forward. We know very little about our own brains, let alone the brains of many other creatures. Who knows, maybe your own domestic pet possesses greater abilities than you thought))). Let’s admit it: we are merely humans who only know what we are given to understand.

Not all comparisons between the intelligence of humans and cats in this article were made about our world. Undoubtedly, the cats in the books and our cats differ, including in terms of intelligence. But I started thinking about a deeper meaning in Warriors. If people in the books didn’t notice the intelligence of their cats, could it be that we also overlook many things in our own cats? Therefore, reflecting on what we might be missing or underestimating in our own animals is an interesting and important question. We can strive for a greater understanding and awareness of the diversity of ways in which intelligence and emotions can manifest in all living beings, including our beloved cats.

P.S.: When I started writing this, I hadn’t come up with this theory; I was just planning to present the facts and ask others the question that puzzled me. In the end, I came up with the answer myself 🌚. And I even gave the Warrior Cats a deep philosophical meaning… Now I won’t be able to read them without thinking about it… Oh my…

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  • :0
    I’ve never thought about that before….
    Being the owner of four cats (not all still living, unfortunately), they are pretty smart. I once gave a treat to one of my cats, Luna, when she went into a tent-cat toy and now she plays with it very often. In my eyes, older cats (like my passed cat Chica), can actually understand humans, provided they’re living with us for years. Also, cats who were left out by humans are very wary of our species after that happens.
    Fun fact: the word for ‘humanizing’ is actually called ‘anthropomorphic’!
    Forgive me if this doesn’t make sense, it’s also right before school starts today.
    Overall, great and awesome article! It was very interesting!!

    • Thanks for correcting my mistake❤️.
      I’m also being kinda an owner of 3 cats. They are not exactly my cats, they are semi-stray. They live outside, go where they want, do what they want, it`s safe in our forest housing club. But me and my family were the first people who domesticated two younger cats. We live in the forest housing club and there are many different stray cats here. So many times I saw their encounter and how they behaved. Frequently they were meowing something to each other in different tones. One cat really likes to talk with me. When he sees me he starts to meow, even if he is not hungry, he just wants my attention. I say something to him and he meows again.
      Cats can also distinguish kind speech and negative tone of people. They also learn fast. My cat understood that she hasn’t to sleep on white bed from second time I removed her speaking strictly. But the thing is that the cat’s sometimes can understand what humans want, but they won’t do it because they don’t want to! Cats are not dogs and they are selfish at times, you know cat nature.
      Cats are smart enough even to understand human’s behaviour. Our cat is only one year old and she already knows how to push people’s buttons to make them feed her! She is always hanging out in other houses and getting food. Somehow she knows that people like when she is rolling on her back or making big eyes. Somehow she knows that people admire her. Also cats even without meowing or hissing predict whether other cat is going to attack or just go past. I would have never written this article without such an experience in cat world and some internet researches for sciencific facts.

  • Can’t believe it have already came out!😊 It’s my first submitted article here, I hope it was interesting and not boring). It was originally written in Russian (while I’m Ukrainian🇺🇦, I sometimes use russian), but really wanted to share my thoughts with english-speaking part of warriors fandom…and I found this site! Then, using Chat GPT, I translated original text and edited it and submitted here in July.

    I have already submitted my second Deep analysis article here. It’s about another animals’ communication in Warriors world, it’s kinda related to this one. So if you liked this, keep an eye on the second part👀

    P.S. I like the art editors used for this, it fits so well❤️

    • Hey Victoria! Welcome to the blog! Your article was amazing <3
      I would just like to point out that here we prefer to use warrior names, not our real names, to protect our privacy. Internet safety is important :))

      Edit: is victoria a fake name?

      • Thanks) Victoria is not a fake name, but Pegacorn… I care about safety, but I think that there are so much people named Victoria, that it is okay to reveal it. Victoria Pegacorn is my pseudonym I use everywhere, so same here.

  • Lilykit/shine 🩷She/her🩷 🍁Autumn Edition 🍁🪷🌿✨Shining Lily of Pure Moonlight✨🪷🌿(Lily, Lilia, Lilu) says:

    Very interesting article!😀

  • Very nice article 😀 !

    For me personally, I compare the way that the twolegs might view the cats as similar to the way that a human might view a bird.

    Humans have observed crows and ravens holding funerals for their dead and crows and ravens show reasoning capabilites to problem-solve and learn.

    We understand that animals can have friendships, know loss, and have complex relationships within their family network.

    So, that’s how I think a twoleg would react to seeing the cats holding a gathering, or living under rocks, or within overturned logs, or how they might view battles, or see cat medicine*.

    (*It might not appear like a splint or a poultice held on by cobwebs, it might realistically just look like a cat with cobwebs / petals stuck to their fur or green moss that they’ve rolled in.)

    Anyway, that’s how I’ve always viewed Warriors, at least. B-) I think realism can be a challenge when you’re writing an animal society that has to fit in with / co-exist with the modern human world.

  • 🌿♏ Blackpaw/fern 🌿 | Blackie || Ferns That Grow Under Summer Black Night (she, her) || The Amazing Sunflight's Apprentice ||(●'◡'●)♏🐱 | (hehehehehe)🥔🐻 | says:

    Great article! You make some really good points!

    • Hhmm… Yes, it can be. Probably Jayfeather’s superpower allows him to sense not emotions of others, but we all know he can read thoughts, and he can better understand how does the another cat feel and in this way understand their emotions. But I think other blind cats can sense others emotions too, like they can sense fear, why couldn’t they sense other emotions? Or cats understand others’ emotions due to the situation they are in🤔. Oh, you accidentally brought up another idea of understanding emotions to me! I will think about it. Thanks for the feedback❤️

  • Honeybeam||she/her|| “Kill me, kill me and tell the stars that you’ve won”~Gray wing DotC||Honey warmed by sunbeams says:

    Omg! This is such a cool article, you chose a super interesting topic that I haven’t seen an article about before, it was a very interesting article 🙂

  • Brackentuft the friendly ghost cat 👻 🐈‍⬛ | Brackie/Bracken/Tufty | Spooky season is upon us!!! 🎃💀 | I REALLY want to jump in a pile of leaves!!!!!! 🍂 | Mentor the totally radical Rowanpaw!!! She/Her says:

    Great article! Very interesting!!!

  • Huge thanks everyone for such feedback, every comment made me smile😊.
    I’m still returning to this page to see the comments and check possible newer ones😌