[a lineless design of Squirrelflight]

Why I Think Squirrelflight Deserves Better by Hollykit

Hollykit shares why they think Squirrelflight deserves better mate choices.

[a lineless design of Squirrelflight]
Artwork by toboe5tails
[a lineless design of Squirrelflight]

Hi, hello, and welcome, loyal BlogClan elders, warriors, kits, and apprentices! I’m glad StarClan has guided your paws here, to this article!!
Today, I’m here with my second article. Now, to clear things up real quick, there ARE two “Hollykit” s, at least, making articles. So just because I don’t want confusion, I’ll use Hollykit/feather. Anyway, today, I’m gonna be explaining why I think Squirrelflight deserves a better choice.
Reason #1 – Ashfur and Brambleclaw are both terrible choices. Ashfur would’ve been a good mate, but he probably would be overprotective and strict. And, well, he’s… evil, heh. Brambleclaw is kind of neglectful. I mean, he’s deputy, leader, and yeah, so he probably is very busy, and has a l o t to do, but he probably forgets about her a lot sometimes.
Reason #2 – Squirrelflight is STRONG. An absolute GIRLBOSS. She was under a lot of pressure when caring for Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit, and when Hollyleaf revealed she, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze weren’t her actual kits, and that hurt Leafpool as well. But Squirrelflight got through it all, and that should have at least impressed some cats ( lol ) .
Reason #3 – She is a beautiful cat. Even her Warrior Cat Mini version looks adorable and pretty. That’s it for Reason Three lol.
And, our last Reason, Reason #4 – She’s Firestar’s daughter. Now, I know Firestar is kinda *cough* overrated *cough*, but he’s a hero, and Squirrelflight…she should get more attention, and even a BETTER MATE. Maybe someone like, I dunno, Spiderleg, once he and Daisy broke up? She REALLY, REALLY could do better with her choice…Bramblestar isn’t a BAD mate, I’m just thinking he could do better. Like, pay more attention. Like, FireSand is a good ship. They have kits, grandkits, together, and they love each other all the way to StarClan. Or, perhaps they could be more like BrightCloud. Even though they get into fights, and Cloudtail doesn’t believe in StarClan, they still make up, and love each other.
And that, my Clanmates, is why I think Squirrelflight deserves better! Farewell, my friends, and may StarClan light your path.

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