[Bristlefrost sits on a fallen tree trunk in the forest]

Is Bristlefrost REALLY dead? by Irisflower

Hello fellow BlogClan! This is my first article and the last book of the Broken Code sent me into tears. (the end) Bristlefrost jumps into the dark, murky water of the Darkforest. She vanished and was never seen again. Or REALLY? I have a few possible theorys that I belive are true. Here they are!
1. Bristlefrost could have reincarnated. Most likely Bristlekit, Spotfurs kit, or another one of them. Do you know what reincarnated means? If you don’t, it means that when a sole dies, it can change into another sole again, called the afterlife. It could have happened to Bristlefrost, who knows?!
2. Bristlefrost could be just a wandering ghost. You may be like, ”If Bristlefrost IS a ghost, then would have Tree or Rootspring see her yet”? Good question. But they can’t see every ghost wandering around. Right? (This is just my theory) Maybe because she died in the Dark Forest, they can’t see her but she is still roaming. That could be true least possible. It’s kind of impossible to know, unless the books say something or give us a clue. Maybe Bristlefrost is still trying to reach us.
3. Bristlefrost could have claimed another cats body, like Ashfur did with Bramblestar. This is also least possible, but still can be possible. But even if she claimed another cats body, who would it be? Ivypool? Spotfur? Bramblestar? (I bet he has enough of cats possesing him) Any of these can be possible. Lets see our 4th theory.
4. Bristlefrost might be sending messages. Either through Spotfur, or Alderheart, Jayfeather. Ashfur may also be around if Bristlefrost is still around, but that probably isn’t possible. The whole point of Bristlefrost’s death was to kill Ashfur too.
5. Bluestar may have something to do with this. Bluestar also drowned drowning an enemy. Bristlefrost may be able to be with Bluestar and Bluestar may be able to see Bristlefrost. Who knows? They had a similer death.
6. Bristlefrost may have turned into air. Crazy, right? But its possible. In my stories cats who died in the dark forest become air to me, but thats just me… oh well.
Thats all for today! Tell me what you think! Bye for now!

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  • Brackentuft the friendly ghost cat πŸ‘» πŸˆβ€β¬› | Brackie/Bracken/Tufty | Spooky season is upon us!!! πŸŽƒπŸ’€ | I REALLY want to jump in a pile of leaves!!!!!! πŸ‚ | Mentor the totally radical Rowanpaw!!! She/Her says:

    Great article! I would like to think that she was reincarnated but the cold, hard truth is that she’s probably gone forever… 😒

  • Hey! Great article! I totally agree! But… I have a question. I am a new member here, and I was wondering how to make an article. I already know how to post it when I make it, but I’m not sure how to even type it and stuff… heh… great article though!

    • Irisflower|she/her|🎢I knew you were trouble when you walked in so shame on me now🎢| Ready for fall!! πŸŽƒπŸ|Can't wait for HALLOWEEEN and SLEEPOVERS!! πŸ’€πŸŽƒ says:

      You just talk about Warriors! It’s kinda your choice! (You could also ask ChatGPT… hehe)

  • This is like the 3 or 4th time they killed off a protagonist. First firestar, then Holly leaf, let me know if I am missing any more, and now bristle frost. If I ever make my own book sires, I might do this to, but who knows.

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