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Leopardspirit rates Warriors MAPs.

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Hi it’s Leopardspirit! I’ll be rating warrior cat MAPs from least to best! 5 is least, 4 3 2 is middle, 1 is, best!(If you don’t know what a MAP is it’s a Multi Animator Project)
I’m only going to rate 5 otherwise it will be cut off

So far I dislike “Cool Kids, Hollyleaf and Ivypool MAP”. The song is great but the animation not TOO good. But I think now if I tried to animate something it would probably turn out worse than that, so I’m not going to hard on it. It’s about the lives of Hollyleaf and Ivypool’s life and how they feel left out.
The “Bugbear, Dovewing MAP” is great too! Song, Animation, you name it! Though honestly I can’t follow what is happening to Dovewing. I guess it is like there is a bear that is following her and she is worrying and her powers ore over whelming her and she jumps into a stream of… honey? To escape the bear of worries. Let me know what you think in the comments below!
“Lay all your love on me, Tigerheart and Dovewing MAP” is so well animated! The song is great, the plot is great, and the song is great too! It’s about Dovewing and Tigerheart’s forbidden love for each other, mixed in with musical type themes to it! You should watch!
“Copycat, Ivypool MAP”….. THE BEST OTHER THAN #1! Yet I’ve only seen the MAP parts one by one, not all together yet. SONG = Great, ANIMATION = Best (Owlspark did the best)! I love it!!!
“Five Giants, Warrior MAP!” Not about any specific cat at all, it’s about them all! From a little before Rusty, er, Firepaw/heart/star arrived to the moment he dies! It’s great! Long, but AWSOME!!!!! Watch it please! I love it, the animation, the song, the plot…. aaaaaaaa!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a chance to watch every one of these MAPs! Give me Your opinion in the comments below. Enjoy watching these! Have a good day guys!

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