[a fluffy design of Berryheart sitting with her colour palette]

Why Berryheart Should not be so Hated On (in my opinion) by Shroompaw

Shroompaw takes a look at Berryheart’s point of view in A Starless Clan.

[a fluffy design of Berryheart sitting with her colour palette]
Art by warriorcatsdatabase
[a fluffy design of Berryheart sitting with her colour palette]

Hi my fellow BlogClan members! I’m Shroompaw, and I’ll be talking about Why Berryheart Should not be so Hated On (in my opinion) Warning: This article contains spoilers from Warriors: A Starless Clan

Okay. Lemme get things straight. In the book, from what I saw, Berryheart is just trying to save her daughter from heartbreak in case Nightheart (a ThunderClan cat who attempted to join ShadowClan to be mates with Berryheart’s daughter) was just using her and playing her (which he was not). Berryheart is just VERY protective of Sunbeam (her daughter for those who don’t know), even though she’s going about it in the wrong way.

After her son’s formerly SkyClan mate joined ShadowClan, Berryheart had been extremely harsh with Spireclaw (the son I was talking about earlier) and Fringewhisker (the formerly SkyClan mate who now we will only consider as ShadowClan). It seems fitting that she would be just as (if not more) harsh with Sunbeam and Nightheart. And there had to be some type of rebellion against them, or else everything would just be way too happy and smooth for an interesting book.

Berryheart making things difficult made for a deep and interesting antagonist for the POVs (points of views) Sunbeam and Nightheart.

After Needletail (her daughter before Sunbeam) died, Berryheart went through a lot of trauma, which made her even more protective of her next litter, which just happened to be Sunbeam and Spireclaw, who both had mates from other Clans. At this point, from Berryheart’s POV, she’s just being tortured by both her kits, with Sunbeam joining ThunderClan to be with Nightheart, and her son’s mate being (lets not say this plz) SkyClan~ By the time this article comes out, the new book, Thunder may be out with new content, but at this point in time, it hasn’t been released yet, so we don’t know if Sunbeam makes it into ThunderClan yet, but if we assume she does, that basically means that Berryheart has ‘lost’ another daughter to a rival Clan, and she was just trying to avoid that happening. Again, Berryheart’s past experiences affected her judgment is the present times.

Another reason she is hated on is because she was rebelling against Tigerstar (the second, we don’t talk about the first) in getting ShadowClan out of RiverClan. From my point of view, this was a result of the Darktail incident that Needletail was killed in and she didn’t want other RiverClan mothers to go through the same grief, instead of wanting other mothers to feel the same thing she felt, like a Dark Forest cat would (e.g. Mapleshade) Don’t get me wrong, I love Mapleshade, but what she did was unforgivable in my opinion.

Overall, I feel like Berryheart is a good cat with good intentions, but is going about fulfilling those intentions in the wrong way. She’s a super underrated character with a traumatic and deep backstory. This article is just in my opinion, you can voice your own in the comments.


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