[Firestar and Sandstorm walk together in a snowy forest at night]

Rating warrior cats ships by Lynxpaw

Lynxpaw rates some ships from the series.

[Firestar and Sandstorm walk together in a snowy forest at night]
Art by Oha
[Firestar and Sandstorm walk together in a snowy forest at night]

Hi guys! This is Lynxpaw/nose and this is my first article! I’m soooooo excited!! Anyway, today I am going to be *Drumroll* Rating warrior cats ships!!😺

Spottedleaf x Firestar
Ughhhhh I hate this one (no hate to spotted x Fire shippers) She is like a lot older than him. She was like 4 and a half years old and he was about 6 months old…gross. And she was a medicine cat so even if she had survived they couldn’t have been mates. And it was just a crush because she was pretty! I rate this ship 0-10

Leafpool x Crowfeather
I think this one is so cute. I’m pretty sure they were around the same age unlike Feathertail and crow paw where feathertail was a lot older. Ew. And it seemed like leaf and crow really loved each other. Although I know some people say that he was just grieving for Feathertail when he became mates with her, and maybe that’s true so I rate this 8-10

Ravenpaw x Barley
So this one’s ok…although I love their chemistry, Barley is prob a lot older than Ravenpaw, but other than that they are perfect for each other so I rate this ship 5-10

Cinderheart x Hollyleaf
Now I absolutely love ❤️ this one. Probably because Lionblaze is so boring and annoying and Cinderheart is so cool and deserves someone good. And Hollyleaf was so worried when Cinderheart broke her leg and when they were apprentices they were super close so I think this ship is better than lion x cinder and Holly x fallen leaves. I rate it 8-10

Last one…

Squirrelflight x bramblestar
Sooo this ship sucks… Bramblestar always thought of her as an annoying apprentice and squirrelflight is way to good for him(she’s my fav character) and it took him so long to realize that squirrel flight was more important than Hawkfrost. I am making myself read 10 pages of bramblestars Storm every day but I just hate him so much! And Jessy was such a Mary sue immediately able to climb trees super well and hunt super well! But that’s for another day. I rate squirrel x bramble 2-10

That’s all for today folks! Bye! Linxpaw out

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  • I agree, BramblexSquirrel is bad, but I think Bramblestar is too good for her, lol, I don’t like her, I know much people do. Cool article!

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