September Clanniversary Shoutouts!


okay, guys!! get ready to clap because we have four awesome people to talk about today!! Who are they, you might ask? None other than….

DOVESTREAM – who joined the Blog in 2019 and has been an amazingly cool addition since then!!

EAGLEFLIGHT – who I have no clue when she joined the Blog because they didn’t submit a form but I know the date!!

ICEMEADOW – who joined in 2021 and is celebrating TWO years!!

MAPLEDRIFT – who joined in 2017 (so long ago!!) and is an awesome moderator and person in general!!

As ya’ll can tell, we have some pretty cool people who joined in September!! Let’s just dive right in…

Dovestream –

You joined the Blog on September 3rd FOUR years ago and have been amazing company since then. I have so, so many amazing memories with you. From being in the App Army together, to roleplaying together, to marrying you 7?? times now, to divorcing you 6 times, to just being your friend <3 You are such a kind, caring, funny person, and I have loved every bit of your Blog journey.

You have given the Blog so, so much…and so here’s a cake in return for all your efforts!

I hope you had the bestest day ever, and that you continue to stick around for me to bother another year c:

Icemeadow –

You joined the Blog on September 5th one year ago, and this marks your second Clanniversary!! I’ve been told that the “terrible twos” don’t count on the Blog, so you’re in luck :p

I’ve loved seeing all of your comments over the past two years!! You seems so genuine and nice, and it’s so uplifting to see that!! You spread so much joy, and the whole Blog is better for it. While we don’t know eachother that well, I look forward to continuing to get to know you in the future!

As a prize for hanging out with us for all this time, here’s a cake!

I hope the 5th was the BEST day ever, and that you loved every bit of it!

Eagleflight –

You joined the Blog on September 3rd at some point in time in the past!! I could go on and on and on about how amazing you are. You are dependable, determined, kind, and so, so helpful. You have everyone’s best interests at heart and it is so clear in all you do. From writing Birthday posts and making sure everyone on the Blog has their special moment, to chatting with everyone and making sure they all feel seen. You are uplifting and encouraging and supportive. I envy your time-management, haha. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all you do for the Blog – least of which is showing us Honey. I’ve loved getting to know you the past two years, and I look forward to continuing to work with you c:

As a thank you for all of the amazing things you do, here is a cake –

You also have a couple gifts:

  • From Rosefern –
  • Hey hey, Aquila! Happy happy clanniversary! I hope you have an awesome day!! Your such an amazing person to be around: fun, funny and positive. You’ve helped me so much during my time on the Blog, and others too! Have a great day and a great year!
  • From Anonymous –

I hope you had an absolutely amazing day, and continue to have many more <3

Mapledrift –

You are such and awesome awesome person!! I’ve loved getting to know ya’ll!! You joined in 2017 on September 7th, so this makes SIX whole years here!! Oh ma gosh!! In that time you’ve become very well known!! I’ve loved getting to work with you as a moderator, and getting to know you as a friend!! You are just so kind and helpful all around!! From being awesome enough to get asked to be a Moderator, to being an awesome addition to the Trailing Stars team, to all the other little things – the Blog is better with you here!!

Thank you for absolutely all you’ve given us!! In exchange, here’s a cake!!

I hope your Clanniversary was amazing, and I look forward to celebrating the next one with you!!

WOO!! To wrap it up, each of these three are amazing people and I am so grateful to have them here on the Blog!! September gave us some amazing people, and I command you all to celebrate them :p

Some finishing questions –

  1. What is your favorite Blog memory?
  2. What do you remember from your first day?
  3. What would you go back and do differently?
  4. Did you do anything fun to celebrate?

I hope you had awesome days, and that you enjoy the rest of September c:

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