Why Windclan is USELESS for the whole series by Pantherprowl

Pantherprowl takes a look at WindClan’s purpose in the series.

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Now I’m pantherprowl hi, :3 and I have spent FOREVER working on this so pls don’t yell at me in the comments this is my opinion Windclan fans so sorry. Now in my opinion we don’t need Windclan in the series. They only exist. Books about Windclan are not engaging and are in my opinion not worth reading. They fight hunt and cause problems between the clans and the clans are already at each other’s throats so not helping Windclan. They waste greystripe and fireheart/stars’ time trying to find them. Four seasons Four trees, Four clans. Take away Windclan, leafbare, and Windclan’s tree so we have three seasons three trees and three clans. The only thing Windclan does is fight and hunt. They are pretty DRAMATIC *mudfur* and is where villains are born, mudfur, dark tail, and more. They only cause problems and waste my time reading about them in the books. So I think that Windclan needs to hightail it out of here and leave. They cause problems and make the clans more agitated at each other. They give us villains and are DRAMATIC. *mudfur* and are unnecessary in the climax of the books. Windclan’s territory is practically useless and they have so much prey that they waste and grow fat on while other clans such as Riverclan and Thunderclan, struggle to catch prey and are skin and bones. Riverclan gave them water to drink when theirs was dry, they also hunted the Riverclan prey that Riverclan needed to survive on because of the poisoned river and how does Windclan repay them? They DON’T. They just used up VALUABLE prey and water to Riverclan, they grow fat while Riverclan starves. They are absolutely disgusting and unnecessary to the books’ climax. They are USELESS utterly ridiculous too. Put no/wc if you understand and if it gets published. Also I HATE mudfur and darktail and wish they NEVER existed in the first place. If you agree put no/md (md=mudfur) and/or no/dt (dt=darktail) but only if you agree that they shouldn’t exist for all of their trouble caused by them. You don’t have to. I will try to post more articles pls remember these take a long time for me to create so sorry this one took so long. – pantherprowl I hope you enjoyed reading this article if it gets posted so yeah. :3

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  • Great Article! I know, Mudfur was so evil! He treated wounds and healed cats too much (/s I know you mean Mudclaw). I mostly agree with this article. WindClan had very few important cats, excluding Crowfeather, Darktail, Mudclaw, Breezepelt, Heathertail, Onestar, Tallstar, Whistlepaw, Harestar, and Hawkheart. I think Crowfeather, Breezepelt, and Heathertail could be ShadowClan cats if WindClan didnt exist. Whistlepaw could be SkyClan, Mudclaw could be replaced with maybe Thornclaw trying to gain deputyship from Brambleclaw, the whole Hawkheart killed Moonflower thing could happen with Hawkheart in ShadowClan, Onestar and therefore Darktail’s parentage could be in RiverClan (he could be a deputy, not a leader), and Tallstar and Harestar wouldn’t exist.

  • I agree with you about no Md/Dt, but do you agree with Brokenstar on that? Because there was a scene in TPB about this subject. PS. I think you mean Mudclaw. Mudfur was the RiverClan med cat in TPB

  • Brackentuft the friendly ghost cat 👻 🐈‍⬛ | Brackie/Bracken/Tufty | Spooky season is upon us!!! 🎃💀 | I REALLY want to jump in a pile of leaves!!!!!! 🍂 | Mentor the totally radical Rowanpaw!!! She/Her says:

    Great article! WindClan needs a POV.

  • I personally think that Windclan is A LOT more interesting than Riverclan and I think if all the clans were perfect and all kind to each other it would make it kinda boring. Windclan is chaotic and I LOVE it.

  • ❄️Shadowspirit🌺 (Forest the bunny) Northwind (Proud BloodClan leader) Echoes of a Winter Night (Tribe) Female/She/her 💜 God loves you 💜 Romans 8:38-39 💜 Memorize it, it only takes 3 hours! 💜 says:

    Great article! I love WindClan, but you made some great points and are a great writer!

  • Windclan is not really ‘useless’ but it’s only considered that because they don’t include WindClan much. I wish they did, so we had more depth and actual INTREST in WindClan. Sadly, the Clan is pretty much useless and just there as a filler.