BlogClan Art Collab: The Sequel of the Sequel!

3 years ago, 101 amazing BlogClanners united to create this amazing artwork, featuring their purrsonas:

And 3 more years prior to that, 36 also amazing BlogClanners created this collaborative artwork:

Alongside it being suitably three years since the last art collab, BlogClan has gained so so many new members and your deputies and medicine cats have changed since the last collab. The purpose of an art collab is to display the members of BlogClan, and it only seems fitting to do one now, with the 2023 members of the Blog!

The task at hand…

Draw your purrsona! They can be sitting, lying, running, jumping, standing, etc etc

However, we do need some rules so this whole thing runs slickly 😀


  1. Bases are a big no no. You are not allowed to fill in pre-existing line-art, even if the base is free to use. Alongside that, recolouring, stealing, or using AI art is also not allowed, and it won’t be included in the final piece if you break this rule
  2. Make sure you draw your purrsona’s full body. We don’t want random floating heads 😛
  3. Don’t add super intense shading. Some minimal generic shading is ok, but nothing that’s too much (no shading is also ok!)
  4. Your drawing can be digital or traditional, however…
  5. If your drawing is DIGITAL, make sure the background is transparent (ideally) or white
  6. If your drawing is TRADITIONAL, make sure the background is completely white and you have taken a clear photo or scanned your drawing
  7. You can reuse drawings of your purrsona that you’ve already done if you want!
  8. You can revise your drawings as many times as you want before the deadline

But I can’t draw…

This collab is all about showcasing the artistic talents of BlogClanners, and there’s no such thing as bad art, so I highly recommend giving it a go!

However, if you don’t have the ability or time to draw, ask around on this post or the BlogClan art page to see if someone else can draw your purrsona! (I’m happy to draw a handful 🙂 ) Since this is about the talent of BlogClanners, try to have your art done by a BlogClanner and not someone off-site 🙂 If you have a BlogClanner draw you, have the artist upload the art.

If you already have a drawing of your purrsona that another BlogClanner has made, then feel free to use that one! (If you have their permission)

Due Date

The due date is 1st Nov, but feel free to ask for extensions 🙂


Submit your art using the form below OR link it in a comment! Please double check that the link is working and I have access to the file if you submit your picture in a comment!

This form is closed!


We’re holding a background drawing contest at a later date, so look out for that post! 🙂

[image description: grey and white cat sits with a box of paintbrushes]

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