[the reprinted covers of the Power of Three arc]

About power of three by Jai

Jai recounts the Power of Three arc.

[the reprinted covers of the Power of Three arc]
Official cover art by Owen Richardson
[the reprinted covers of the Power of Three arc]

So I have not really read much. I just finished power of three and I was bored. It’s summer for me, and I decided to do this. So this may not be accurate, because I have not read much. So, to begin, Leafpool decided to be with Crowfeather. They later broke up, before anyone found out about their relationship. But later, Leafpool, a medicine cat, found out she was expecting kits. She didn’t want to have the kits at first, but later got attached to them. Toward the end of her pregnancy, she went into the woods with Squirelflight, who she was very close to. Leafpool had her kits, thanks to Yellowfang. And they stayed there for a little bit. They found out that Jaykit was blind, but still loved him. Squirrelflight got deeply attached to the kits. They walked through the leafbare snow home and passed on the kits, as Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight’s. Everything was kind of smooth sailing. The kits became apprentices. Hollypaw, a black she-cat, got mentored by Leafpool as a medicine cat. She wasn’t really good at it so she became a warrior. Jaypaw, a blue-looking tom, wanted to be a warrior but got upset when he got his mentor, Brightheart. Brightheart was missing an eye from the dogs earlier, and Jaypaw was upset. He wanted to be normal. But eventually, Leafpool convinced him that life as a medicine cat was his. Lionpaw, a golden tom, knew he wanted to be a warrior. At this time Jaypaw had the weird powers. He sensed things, and walked in other cats dreams. That’s how he found the prophecy “There will be 3. Kin of your kin. Who have the power of the stars in their hands(or paws)” in Firestars dream. Immediately, Jaypaw thought it was him. He kept the secret from his siblings until later. But before that Lionblaze sneaks out with Heatherpaw in these caves under the clans territory. Hollypaw, being the thinker and honest cat as she is, got him to stop. Lionblaze also got training in the dark forest by Tigerstar. Lionpaw got really good at fighting at this time. Then Jaypaw discovers this stick that he is obsessed with. It’s basically a stick that represents the caves, where the warriors’ ancestors lived before them. Jaypaw eventually found that they had to go to the tribe of rushing water. Luckily,

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