[a redrawn poster of Pirates of the Caribbean: Into the Depths]

Pirates of the Carribean characters as Warrior Cats by Addersong

Addersong matches characters from Warriors to characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

[a redrawn poster of Pirates of the Caribbean: Into the Depths]
Art by BwanaDevil
[a redrawn poster of Pirates of the Caribbean: Into the Depths]

Hi! I’m Addersong and I love Pirates of the Carribean. I love Pirates of the Carribean very much, actually. So I decided to combine two things I love very much: Pirates of the Carribean and Warrior Cats. Here are some Pirates of the Carribean characters as Warrior Cats characters:

DISCLAIMER: There will only be characters and references from the first three movies in this article! And there will be spoilers, be aware of that.

1. Captain Jack Sparrow
Let’s be honest, none of the Warriors characters has Jack Sparrow’s swag. It was very hard for me to find someone similar to him because he’s not evil, but he’s not a very good man. He’s not the bad guy, but he’s not the villain. And he’s sooo selfish! I think the character who’s the most similar to him, even there are still many differences, is Sol. Sol never killed anyone, but he’s still an antagonist. He only appears in SkyClan and the Stranger and in the Power of the Three as a side character, but we get to know that he’s selfish, doesn’t care about other’s feelings and he’s a master of manipulation. Jack is also selfish, he doesn’t think about other’s feelings and he’s a very good lier, just like Sol. Also, I find the moment in the second movie when Jack becomes the tribe’s leader similar to how Sol amost destroyed ShadowClan.

2. Elizabeth Swann
Elizabeth would be Ivypool, no doubd about that. Elizabeth didn’t actually spy anybody, but she lied and fooled men to get what she wanted. She became an amazing pirate and a great fighter, just like Ivypool. She also kinda played with Jack’s and Norrington’s feelings, while Ivypool seemed to play with Hawkfrost’s feelings (even I don’t ship any of these characters with each other). They’re both strong and brave characters that deserve very mych appreciation.

3. Will Turner
Will would be Firestar. They’re both brave and rightous characters and they give me kind of the same vibe. Even their storylines are similar. Firestar leaver his kittypet life to join the wild cats he always heard stories about and ends up becoming one of the greatest leaders, while Will leaves leaves his quiet blacksmith life to become what he hated the most in his life: a pirate, the captain of the Flying Dutchman. Each of them is the hero of their story and I love them very much.

4. Hector Barbossa
Barbossa is an epic character. He starts as an antagonist in the first movie, just to become a protagonist in the third one. He’s cruel, but he wouldn’t kill someone for no reason. I’m not sure if there’s such a character in Warriors. However, I think there are some similarities between him and Clear Sky. We don’t know know if Barbossa’s early life is similar with Clear Sky’s, but they both have interesting antagonist to protagonist transformations. They both do actions they later regret: Barbossa wastet the Treasure of Cortés and Clear Sky overprotected his land. Clear Sky became an antagonist in the first book and then a protagonist in the fourth one, after his actions leaded to The Great battle. Barbossa, on the other side, became a protagonist after his actions led to… well… to his death. But he comes back in At World’s End to save Jack Sparrow and fight Beckett. They’re not the same, but their stories are similar.

5. Davy Jones
Another epic villain… I feel like he’s similat to Mapleshade. They both have sad stories and became what they are because they were hurt by their partner at some point. I don’t know exactly what Mapleshade did as revenge in her lifetime, but I know she trained warriors like Crookedstar in the Dark Forest and revenged on them, made them feel the same pain she felt, which has a similar vibe to how Davy Jones wanted his crew to stay on the Flying Dutchman for eternity, just like him, and took people who feared death to make them part of his crew forever. They’re both very good villains.

6. James Norrington
I associate Norrington with Ashfur. I haven’t read The Broken Code, but I know what Ashfur is going to do then and I don’t believe Norrington would do that. He was rejected by Elizabeth, but he respected her decision and wanted her to be happy. However, in the second and third movie, Norrington tried to get his social position back giving Beckett the heart of Davy Jones and Jack’s compass, whichwas the key to Elizabeth’s and Will’s freedom. He’s not an antagonist, but he’s not a very good guy. Both Norrington and Ashfur died young. Who knows what would have happened if they didn’t die? Maybe Norrington would have revenged on Will or Ashfur would have died for Elizabeth. I think their personalities are very similar.

7. Cutler Beckett
Beckett is just like Scourge. We know nothink about Beckett’s past and what made him be the horrible man he is, but as long as we know, his actions are very similar to Scourge’s. Beckett associates with Davy Jones to fight the pirates, white Scourge associates with Tigerstar ti destroy the Clans. At the end, they both have to fight alone and get killed . Even their deaths are similar. Scourge’s last words are “How… I killed you…”, showing how shocked he was to see Firestar coming back to life, while Beckett’s last words are “It’s just… good bussiness.” and him being totally shocked and accepting that the pirates won. They’re both evil characters who associated with the wrong guys and payed for their actions.

That’s all! I would love if you’d tell me in the comments if you agree or not, or whatever you feel like telling me. Thank you for reading my first article! I hope you enjoyed (and it wasn’t too boring! Byee!

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