[drawings of the members of the Dream SMP]

Giving Dream SMP members Warrior Cat names/clans by Honeytail

Honeytail gives warrior names to members of the Dream SMP.

[drawings of the members of the Dream SMP]
Artist unknown (Source: Redbubble)
[drawings of the members of the Dream SMP]

Hello, I’m Honeytail and welcome to making Dsmp members Warrior cat names. So let’s start off with the basics

Dream: The big guy, we all know him, we all love him (or hate the character) I’d say his prefix would be either Happy, Green, Olive, or Fog. And for a suffix, i think it should be sight like his manipulation for the others. So Fogsight/Olivesight/Greensight/Happysight. And for a clan, ThunderClan seems reasonable, though ShadowClan might be fun. They probably would be the leader or a former rogue who acts like Sol

GeorgeNotFound: I think he should be given the prefix Sleepy. Because of him often sleeping, or Mushroom, because of Kiniko Kingdom, for a suffix, heart sounds good because of him being often shipped with Dream. So Mushroomheart/Sleepyheard. And I think they should be in ShadowClan, because it’d be the most likely to have mushrooms as supposed to TC or WC

Sapnap: He’s pretty easy, for a prefix I’d say Blaze/Fire/Flame. Because of his name, Minecraft skin, and his chaotic nature. And for the suffix, claw because of how often he would steal the pets on the Dream smp. So FireClaw/Blazeclaw/Flameclaw, and for a clan. I think TC because it reminds me of fire, because thunder can cause fire

Tommyinnit: For Tommy, I think the prefix either Sparrow, or Robin would work. Maybe even Racoon because of the fandom’s attachment to the au, heck even Ivory, because of that whole albino au. And for a suffix, I think jaw or bite would work. As they head cannon that he bites a lot, so Ivorybite/jaw, and Racoonbite/jaw. And since their the main character, Tc for them

Tubbo: (my favourite) For Tubbo, I think it’s clear that I need to make it bee related or I’d get canceled, so I’m thinking the prefix should be bee. And for the suffix, because of his kind nature, I was thinking heart would be a good suffix. So we have Beeheart, which I like a lot (totally not inspiration for my oc), and for a clan. I think TC works just fine,

Ranboo: (also like them) For Ranboo, it’s simple, like Tubbo. Because of their skin, I wanna make their prefix be Half Or Spilt, and for a suffix. Face or mask would work fine. So we have Halfmask/face, or Spiltface/mask. And for a clan, I think any of the clans could work, but mainly Sc or TC (also no those aren’t my favourite clans)

Aimsey: It’s quite simple what I’m doing for her, because of her skin, I think Bunny or Rabbit would be fun. And for a suffix, since she dies quickly, we don’t get to see much of her, so pelt. And her full name would be Rabbitpelt! And for a clan, it’s quite obvious I needed to make her apart of Windclan! (Aka my favourite

That’s it for my first post, I will do more so comment your favourites and I’ll do them in the next post of making Dream SMP Members into Warrior cats!

I’m Honeytail, and it’s 12:30 am, I need to go to bed, peace! (she/they/he

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