[a design of Whitestorm laying down with a smile]

Why Whitestorm is an Amazing Warrior by Emberpaw

Emberpaw shares Whitestorm’s great qualities.

[a design of Whitestorm laying down with a smile]
Art by dracofelisdraws100cats (tumblr)
[a design of Whitestorm laying down with a smile]

Hi everyone! I’m Emberpaw, and today I’ll explain why Whitestorm is amazing. I love him and think he should get a super edition or at least a novella, because he deserves every bit of praise he gets. He was kind and humble, he took care of Bluestar when no one else would, and he didn’t let his past shape who he is. In this article, we will explore those points in detail.

The first point is the most obvious. When Fireheart was having trouble as deputy, Whitestorm advised him on organizing patrols and other things, and when Firestar became leader, Whitestorm again helped him in his role as deputy. He didn’t take credit for these things, though, showing how humble and modest he was. In fact, when he became deputy, he was surprised, showing that he didn’t think of himself as superior to everyone else. A thing I want to add is that he chose Firestar’s deputy for him. Some people might think this is a sign of trying to control, but I think he was trying to help Firestar make the right decision, even when he was dying.

Another reason for why Whitestorm is awesome is that he took care of Bluestar when no one else even tried. Sure, Fireheart brought her the occasional mouse or vole, but only Whitestorm actually looked after her with such care. This was more than the bonds between leader and warrior or aunt and nephew; this was true commitment to his leader and aunt who raised him, and to his last living family member.

The third reason for why he is so amazing is because he didn’t let his past define him. There are lots of cats in the Warriors series that are villains because of what happened long ago; Tigerstar, Ashfur, and Mapleshade are just a few. But Whitestorm is not one of them. Even though his best friend was Tigerkit, who would grow up to be one of the most ruthless cats in Clan history, and his father was Thisleclaw, who literally encouraged him to fight just for the sake of fighting, and his mother, Snowfur, was killed in an accident when he was young, he never let that change him. He stayed true to his Clan and the warrior code till the very end, which is remarkable considering the number of villains who were not not so lucky. Of course, he did have his aunt Bluefur’s guidance, but it was still him that decided what his path would be.

Well, that’s it! What are your opinions on Whitestorm? Have they changed while reading the article? Do you think Whitestorm should get a novella or SE? Let me know in the comments! Hope you enjoyed reading this, and see you next time!


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