[a starry Silverstream falls past Graystripe at night, both teary-eyed]

GrayMillie or GraySilver? Which is Superior? by Crowpaw

Crowpaw shares who they think is better for Graystripe.

[a starry Silverstream falls past Graystripe at night, both teary-eyed]
Art by .flying.cat. (Warriors Amino)
[a starry Silverstream falls past Graystripe at night, both teary-eyed]

Hello! Today, I want to talk about the everlasting question in Warriors: GraySIlver or GrayMillie? I’m going to be splitting into two topics. There’s a lot to talk about in this one so let’s get started!

1. Meeting: How the cats met.

Silver: Graystripe was chasing a vole and fell through the ice. He started drowning and Silverstream saved him, causing him to fall for her almost instantly. My feelings on this are meh. It’s a classic trope like: Person saves person from death and they fall in love. It’s been used a lot in Warriors with FireSand or BristleRoot. But I like how in GraySilver and BristleRoot it was he she-cat who saved the tom 😊

Millie: Graystripe gets captured by twolegs and meets Millie. He teaches her how to fight and hunt and they bond. Next, Millie abandons her home for Graystripe to help him return to the clans. They go through ups and downs on the journey and eventually confess love and become mates. I love this story! Millie loves Graystripe so much she leaves her home for him! She is truly in love with him and it’s coming from all angles!

2. Kits

Silver: Eventually, Silverstream gets pregnant with Graystripe’s kits. Then she goes to Graystripe when she’s giving birth, so Fireheart has to go get CInderpaw. Then Silverstream dies. Silverstream is very irresponsible in this scene. She chooses to go to Graystripe (not a med cat) and Fireheart (not a med cat) so Fireheart has to get Cinderpaw (med cat IN TRAINING) and cause her insane stress, just for Silverstream to die. I should also mention this causes Cinderpaw to feel anxious about her job as a healer. Great job Silverstream. And she is also an awful mother. And yes, I know she’s dead, but the only on screen time she visits any of her kits is when she visits Stormfur to make him go back and help the tribe, and when she guides Feathertail to STARCLAN. She talks to Fireheart and Graystripe more than her kits, making it seem as if she didn’t really care for them at all.

Millie: Millie is pregnant with Graystripe’s kits in Outcast and gives birth in Eclipse to three healthy kits. Note that Graystripe says “If you have to choose a life to save, save hers.” showing he truly cares but is willing to lose his kits for his mate. Now I don’t want to go into Millie’s motherhood because it’s a topic for another day, but for a summary: Briarpaw broke her back and Millie was in a bad state. She was anxious and angry. She looked after Briarlight very heavily, making Briar feel like she wasn’t enough. Millie said some rather ableist things but she still cared. Blossomfall whined like a baby for a little while because Millie was helping her disabled sister but that’s pretty much it. Now maybe Millie wasn’t much of a mother, but she was at least a mother.

I think Millie was better. She spent her life with him. Silverstream was more of his girlfriend when he was 23 when Millie was his life-long wife. I think he cared for Millie more and if you check the wiki it says Silverstream was his former mate while Millie was his mate, showing her he picked Millie in Starclan. For a little time comparison, Graystripe is with SIlverstream for a season or 3-5 months. Graystripe becomes mates with Millie when they return to the new forest and I couldn’t find the exact time, but it’s more than 7 years, which is a LONG time. So basically, GrayMillie is superior. Thanks for reading, Byeeeeeeee! ~ Crowpaw

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  • Irisflower|she/her|🎶I knew you were trouble when you walked in so shame on me now🎶| Ready for fall!! 🎃🍁|Can't wait for HALLOWEEEN and SLEEPOVERS!! 💤🎃 says:

    Amazing article! I belive Millie is a amazing mate for Greystripe!

    Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to Greystripe’s potential mates, and it’s wonderful to see the discussion and different perspectives on the matter. Whether it’s Greymillie or Greysilver, what truly matters is that Greystripe finds happiness and companionship in his journey. Both Millie and Silverstream have played significant roles in Greystripe’s life, offering him love, support, and understanding in their own unique ways. It’s heartwarming to witness Greystripe’s growth and the deep connections he has formed with both of them. Ultimately, it is up to Greystripe to decide who he feels the strongest bond with and who he envisions spending his future alongside. Let’s respect his choices and celebrate the love and devotion that has shaped his life, regardless of which path he chooses.

  • Wow! I’m very impressed. I like GrayXMillie much more than GrayXSilver. Silverstream IS more like his girlfriend and Millie is more of his wife. But I do think Millie could’ve been a better mother. Silverstream was never really there for her kits though, as you explained—and it caused a lot of stress.

  • I personally like GreyxSilver better because when Briarpaw got her injuries she pretty much became Millie’s favorite and in StarClan, he pretty much forgot about Silverstream