BlogClanner in the Spotlight : Riverspirit!

Hello and welcome back to another edition of BlogClanner in the Spotlight! This month we have the wonderful Riverspirit with us, Riv is a wonderful artist and leads both PickpocketClan and JoyClan as secret clans on the Blog. This was a really fun interview, and I hope you enjoy reading it to (stick around until the end to see some absolutely AMAZING artwork)

Let’s get started with our typical BitS first question!

Art by Mapledrift
[Image description : A grey tabby card with blue eyes in front of blue particles on a light blue background]

How did you get into warrior cats and find the blog?

I got into Warriors back in March of ‘22 after finishing The Guardian Herd series that same year. I was looking for a book series to read that shred my love for animals and my crave for adventure! I had actually started to read a Warriors book a long time ago, but I stopped reading because I had picked up the first book of OotS, and I didn’t have a single clue about what was going on! So, here I was, reading Into the Wild years later for the first time on my spring break trip, and I immediately fell in love! Now, I don’t remember quite exactly how I found the Blog, but I believe that I was looking for Warrior name generators, and I stumbled across the Blog page! I thought, why not join a Warrior cat blog? And let me tell you, it was a great decision!

What’s your favourite warrior cats book and why?

Artwork by Owen Richardson
[Image description: Cover of into the wild]

Hmmm… my favorite book is Into the Wild! It’s just a classic and I really enjoyed reading it!

Maple commentary : Oooo I love Into the Wild as well, it’s such a great start to the series.

What books and films not related to warrior cats do you particularly enjoy?

That’s super difficult; I have so many! As far as movie series go, I like Star Wars, Harry Potter (the books), and the Hunger Games! I’m also obsessed with Wings of Fire, Jurassic Park/World, and Enola Holmes!

Maple commentary : I’m a big fan of Star Wars as well!! Wings of Fire is so awesome, I really need to catch up with the books!

Which warrior cat would you say is most like you, and why?

I always wonder about this, but recently, I’ve come to a conclusion that I’m most like Cinderpelt. I can be excited for life and full of eagerness, and then something terrible comes along. I’ve found myself learning how to adapt and thrive just like Cinder. She has so much courage, and I love her:)

Art by otakucat17
[Image description: Art of Cinderpelt. She is a grey cat with blue eyes and a scarred leg]

If the star wars characters became warrior cats, who do you think would make the best warrior, and who would make the best medicine cat?

That’s a cool question! Honestly, I think Padme would make the best medicine cat because she’s so patient and calm, and probably Rey would make a really good Warrior. I would consider Luke as a great warrior, but he kind of turned into a jerk in the last trilogy.

Maple commentary : I agree! Rey would definitely make a great warrior, I think she’d be incredibly determined to fight for her clan.

What’s your favourite canon warrior cats ship, and what’s your favourite non canon warrior cats ship?

Ah yes, ships. My favorite canon ship is the VERY underrated Bracken x Sorrel because they genuinely cared for each other and loved one another! SPOILER! I cried at Sorreltail’s death. My favorite non-canon ship has to be Squilf X Crow! They have such similar personalities, and I wish that the Erin’s pursued that path between the two! (Also BONUS! Ravenpaw and Barley is my favorite platonic (brotherly love) ship!

Maple commentary : OOO I haven’t seen many people shipping Squilf x Crow, that’s cool to hear!! Personally I ship RavenBarley romantically, I think they’re so cute together!!

[a headshot of Sorreltail and Brackenfur nuzzling each other lovingly]
Art by M.Jay’s Warrior Art (tumblr) [a headshot of Sorreltail and Brackenfur nuzzling each other lovingly]

If you had to write a warrior cats super edition, who would you write it about, and what would the vague plot of it be?

Another great question! I’ve always wanted to write a super edition about Longtail because of all of the grief he went through in his life. It would be interesting to see how he handled that grief as well as to see some bonus stories that occurred in between different arcs about him.

[Image description : A brown big cat walking through jungle foliage]

A BitS classic question!! If you were going to go on a jungle exploration with 3 BlogClanners, who would you take with you and why?

Ooh that’s a tough one! There are so many great BlogClanners out there! I feel like Captain would keep us alive, so I’ll choose her! Then probably Shades for mental support, and Breezeflame for entertainment!

What’s your favourite page on BlogClan and why?

It’s gotta be the Pawsitivity page for me! I love how everyone is so encouraging and amazing in there!

What’s one warrior cats theory or headcanon that you really wish was canon in the books?

Well, I think that there should be some fantasy element to the books besides StarClan! A long time ago, I thought that Warriors existed in the WOF universe on another continent. It would be pretty cool to add that!

Maple commentary : Oh wow dragons in the warriors universe would be so cool! That’s a really awesome idea Riv!

[Qibli and Winter lay their heads on Moon's back as she reads a letter by the fireplace]
Artist unknown (source: Quotev) [Qibli and Winter lay their heads on Moon’s back as she reads a letter by the fireplace]

Which warrior do you think would have the best chance at surviving the hunger games and why?

This is a generic answer, but probably Ivypool! If we look at how SPOILER! Katniss won the Hunger Games, she did so with skill and brains. Since Ivy survived Dark Forest training, I think she could find a way to win the Hunger Games.

Finally, what question would you like to ask the audience of BitS?

Which fictional world would you want to live in, and why? I would want to live in either the Warriors universe, or the Jurassic Park/ World universe! (As a dinosaur, NOT a human:D)

And that just about wraps up our interview with the WONDERFUL Riv!! This was so much fun to conduct and I think we got some really cool questions here. Now I have some art to share with you, here’s just a sample of Riv’s incredible artwork

Art by Riverspirit
[Image description : Crookedstar, staring at something in fear]
Art by Riverspirit
[Image description : A light brown and white tabby cat, and a dark brown and white cat with blue eyes]
Art by Riverspirt
[Image description : Serpent Sol, with his mouth open wide to show fangs
Art by Riverspirit
[Image description : A beige cat with brown markings and blue eyes]

Look at all of this absolutely incredible art!! You should all give Riv’s art some love, and answer her question in the comments!!

Thank you so much for reading- I hope you all enjoyed this edition of BlogClanner in the Spotlight because I had a lot of fun writing it (and look! what’s this! we’re back on a regular schedule? the next BitS candidate is already all lined up, look at me being all organised!!)

See you next time!!

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