[full-body designs of Graykit, Stemkit, and Bristlekit]

Giving Kits and Apprentices Warrior Names Part 1 by Briarpaw

Briarpaw gives warrior names to the kits and apprentices of A Starless Clan.

[full-body designs of Graykit, Stemkit, and Bristlekit]
Art by RioBlitzle (tumblr)
[full-body designs of Graykit, Stemkit, and Bristlekit]

Hiya! This is Briarpaw, back with yet ANOTHER article 😛
Today, I’m giving kits & apprentices Warrior names!
Now, this article is going to be focusing on the currently living kits & apprentices. I will do a part 2 of kits & apprentices who didn’t make it.
So, without further ado, let’s get started!
I’m gonna start off with ThunderClan. There are currently no apprentices, but three kits, Spotfur’s kits. Their names are Bristlekit, Stemkit, and Graykit. So, I think a good name for Bristlekit would be Bristlefern, because it just sounds really nice. Credits to my friend Snakepaw for making up Bristlefern, he’s using it in a role-play I’m doing. Anyway, back to the article. Stemkit could be Stemtail or Stemcloud, because both of those names are cute and sound very nice. Graykit could be Grayspots or Grayfoot, because they both sound cool and like the standard Warrior names of these days.
Now, for RiverClan.
There are currently three apprentices and no kits in RiverClan, so I’ll just make names for them and move on. The names of these apprentices are Frostpaw, Mistpaw, and Graypaw. I think that Frostpaw’s Warrior name will be Frostleaf, paying a tribute to when she was a Medicine Cat Apprentice, similar to how Hollypaw ended up being Hollyleaf, because she once trained as a Medicine Cat Apprentice. Mistpaw might be Mistwing, after her mentor Icewing, because that sounds like a very nice name. Graypaw might be Grayheart, because of what we’ve seen from him is a very kind and quiet cat, which commonly comes with the suffix ‘heart.
Up next, WindClan.
WindClan currently has one apprentice and two kits. Whistlepaw is the Medicine Cat Apprentice, and Stripekit and Brookkit are Larkwing’s kits. Whistlepaw could be Whistlewing, because she seems very free-spirited from what we’ve seen from her, and the suffix ‘wing is usually used for free-spirited cats. She could also be called Whistleflight, as a tribute to her mentor, Kestrelflight. Meanwhile, we don’t know very much about Stripekit and Brookkit besides their family ties and names, so I’ll be giving them very basic names. I think that Stripekit could be Stripewing, and Brookkit could be Brookstripe.
And now for ShadowClan.
ShadowClan currently has no apprentices, but it does have 5 kits, Birchkit, who is Dovewing’s kit, Firkit, Streamkit, Bloomkit, and Whisperkit, who are Cinnamontail’s kits. Birchkit could be Birchfern or Birchtail, because both names sound very nice together. It would be funny if Firkit ended up being Firfur, but I don’t think that’s going to happen, so he could be Firtail. Streamkit could be Streamwing or Streamheart, while Bloomkit could be Bloomheart or Bloomtail. Whisperkit could be Whisperwillow, because that just sounds really cool.
And last but not least, SkyClan.
SkyClan currently has two apprentices and two kits, Beetlepaw and Beepaw, and Ridgekit and Duskkit, who are Blossomheart’s kits. We know more about Beetlepaw and Beepaw than we do Ridgekit and Duskkit, so I’ll start with those two. Beetlepaw could be Beetlewing or Beetleheart, from his happy, free-spirited nature that Rootspring notes. Beepaw could be Beeflight or Beewing, because typically, cats with the prefix of an animal that can fly get something related to flight as their suffix. Ridgekit could be Ridgenose, because that just sounds cute, and Duskkit could be Duskmist, because that sounds very cool.
And that’s it!
I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you some other time!

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