Official album art of "The Wind and the Star Traveler" by Yu-Peng Cheng of HOYO-MiX

Giving Genshin Impact Characters Warrior Names (Part 1!) by Shroompaw

Shroompaw gives warrior names to some characters from Genshin Impact.

Official album art of "The Wind and the Star Traveler" by Yu-Peng Cheng of HOYO-MiX
Official album art of “The Wind and the Star Traveler” by Yu-Peng Cheng of HOYO-MiX

Hi everyone, I’m Shroompaw and I’ll be giving Genshin Impact characters warrior names (part 1)! Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Genshin Impact!!

First off, let me explain the concept of Genshin. Basically, at the start, you and your twin were leaving the world of Teyvat, but then you were separated by an unknown god, and you have to pick a twin to play as at the start. There are two twins/travellers, one is male, Aether, and one is female, Lumine. Whoever you pick, you are going to be playing as that character as the rest of the game. For the sake of this article, we’re gonna be doing this from protagonist Aether’s POV (point of view) with Lumine being the lost sister who joins the Abyss Order. They both end up back in Teyvat. However, Lumine joins the Abyss Order, which is a legion of monsters from the abyss that hate both humans and gods (aka archons), and becomes their princess, while Aether was sealed for 500 years. If you are wonderering what archons are, it will be explained later. This is part one of my series, and there will be one part for every reigion. There are seven reigions, and an archon and element for each, execpt Khanri’ah which is destroyed. There are also seven elements, which are Anemo (wind), Pyro (fire), Dendro (life/plants), Geo (earth), Hydro (water),Cryo (ice) and Electro (Electricity). The seven reigions are Mondstadt for Anemo, which is the first, Liyue for Geo, Inazuma for Electro, Sumeru for Dendro, Fontaine for Hydro, Natlan for Pyro and Snezhnaya for Cryo. Let’s get into it now! If there’s anything that doesn’t make sense yet, it will be explained later in the article.

In this part, we will be giving Aether, Lumine and several but not all of the Mondstadt characters. First off, we have Aether. In his design, he has long, braided hair, so let’s give him the prefix ‘Long’. Since he is one of main antagonists, let’s make him a leader with the suffix ‘star’. Secondly, we have Lumine, who is the princess of the Abyss Order, so let’s give her the prefix ‘Abyss’. She also has a flower in her hair, so let’s give her the suffix ‘flower’.

Now we’re starting to get into the Mondstadt characters. To kick them off, why not start with the Anemo archon himself, Venti, with the archon name Barbatos. Now’s when I’ll explain the archons. The archons govern over their respective nations, and Venti governs over Mondstadt. Each archon has an object called a Gnosis, which gives them their power and makes them not require a Vision, which gives each holder Elemental powers, like a Pyro vision would give someone fire powers. The traveller does not need a Vision either. Anyways, Venti is the Anemo archon, which is wind, so his prefix will be ‘Wind’. Since he is an archon, he would be a leader and so the suffix ‘star’ would fit.

Next up, we have everyone’s favourite child arsonist, Klee! Klee is a little elf girl who plays with bombs. She is also called Spark Knight of the Knight of Favonious, who are the knights that protect Mondstadt. She loves to catch fish with her bombs, which she calls fish blasting. Basically blowing fish out of the water with bombs and cooking them as they fly out. That gives us a perfect prefix, ‘Fish’! Klee is also quite young, so we can imagine her being an apprentice, which gives her the suffix ‘paw’. To be honest, Klee would do really well in RiverClan.

The Knights of Favonious brings us to Jean, who is the Dandelion Knight, or Acting Grand Master! Since she is the Dandelion Knight, her prefix can be ‘Dandelion’. As she is a knight, she can have the suffix ‘claw’.

Next we have Kaeya, the Calvary Captain of the Knights of Favonious. As Kaeya is a Cryo user, he would have the prefix ‘Ice’. Kaeya has an eyepatch, therefore the suffix ‘eye’.

That’s all for now, Part 2 will have more characters from Mondstadt. When all the Mondstadt characters are finished, we will move on to Liyue (basically China). Thanks for reading!

Signing off,

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