[a full-body design of Honeyfern and her colour palette]

Honeyfern And Why She’s My Favourite Warrior Cat by Honeybeam

Honeybeam discusses their favourite character, Honeyfern.

[a full-body design of Honeyfern and her colour palette]
Art by Warrior Cat Designs
[a full-body design of Honeyfern and her colour palette]

Hi, I’m Honeybeam and this is my first blogclan article. I’m going to be discussing my favourite warrior cat: Honeyfern. Sorry in advance if I rant a little bit. Spoilers for tnp, pot and oots.

To start, I’m going to do a quick recap of her life and then I’ll start discussing her admirable traits and why she’s my favourite warrior. Honeyfern is born to Sorreltail and Brackenfur alongside her sisters Poppykit(frost), Cinderkit(heart) and brother Molekit(paw) during the badger attack. Then, as an apprentice, Molepaw sadly dies of green cough. Honeypaw(fern) develops a crush on Berrypaw(nose). Then together with her sister Poppyfrost (Cinderpaw(heart) is recovering from an injury so becomes a warrior at a different time) she is made a warrior and in the ceremony Firestar commends her kindness and intelligence.

In Sunrise, Honeyfern saves Briarkit(light) from a snake but gets bitten herself. To make it even more sad, she and the cat who she had loved since she was an apprentice were just talking about having kits! I actually cried when she died, it was just so sad! Later in the series the kit she died to save gets crippled! Then, in the book after she dies, her mate ends up mates with her sister! Poppyfrost, who is worried she stole her sister’s mate, goes to the moonpool and Jayfeather follows her. Then they both get attacked by Breezepelt and Brokenstar but Honeyfern comes and rescues them. She tells Jayfeather to tell Poppyfrost not to worry and that she’ll love Poppyfrost’s kits as if they were her own.

Honeyfern has so many hardships in her life but she keeps going. She is so compassionate that she is okay with her mate and sister becoming mates so soon after her death, as long as they are both happy. Honeyfern gives up her life for Briarkit and dies a true warrior’s death. She also shows her kindness and compassion in the green cough epidemic when she looks after Rosekit even though she is sick herself. She is such a wonderful character and didn’t deserve to die so soon the way she did.

Thanks for reading this article! I hope you liked it and any feedback in the comments would be appreciated.


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