[Leafpool and Crowfeather lay together in a grassy field at dawn]

Forbidden Romance by Emeraldclaw

Emeraldclaw discusses five forbidden relationships from the series.

[Leafpool and Crowfeather lay together in a grassy field at dawn]
Art by by_holo (Twitter)
[Leafpool and Crowfeather lay together in a grassy field at dawn]

Hi, I’m Emeraldclaw. and This is my first article ever! I hope you like it
! Today I’ll be telling you about 5 forbidden loves: Leafpool and Crowfeather, Graystripe and Silverstream, Bluestar and Oakheart, Lionblaze and Heathertail and Yellowfang and Raggedstar


Leafpool and Crowfeather

I find this one the worst because at one point crowfeather actually makes leafpool leave her clan and they get kits. I mean, who does that? It is kinda hard to believe that Crowfeather fell in love again because he made it quite clear that he LOVED!! Feathertail. but then again that does mean that he really loved leafpool. I don’t really understand why crowfeather saves leafpool that one time, maybe because he already loved her? Anyway, let’s talk about leafpool. She is a medicine cat so she’s not allowed to have a crush, let alone meet with him! and I think it’s a bit overrated that she actually leaves her clan for him. and when does she get kits with him? while they were away from the clan? and if she loves him so much why not just join WindClan? Was she too embarrassed that her clanmates would laugh or make fun of her?


Graystripe and silverstream

I find this one almost the worst because they meet each other so much and that forces Graystripe to neglect his warrior duties like training Brackenfur. and he forces (not actually using force or something) Firstar to cover for him. Now let’s talk about Silverstream. I am pretty sure that there were a lot of great toms in Riverclan like Heavystep or Stonefur (so why did she choose Graystripe?) and second why did they get kits? (i know why because feathertail needed to be created but that’s a whole other story.)


Yellowfang and Raggedstar

This one is pretty bad because a medicine cat and a clan leader? Raggedstar should know better! And by the way, who nursed Brokenstar? wouldn’t they know that Yellowfang broke the Warrior code?(Sorry i don’t really have much to say a bout this one because i have not read Yellowfang’s secret)


Bluestar and Oakhaert

the reason that this one is pretty close to the bottom is because i find all of the others worse

I think that it was kind of mean that Bluestar gave up her kits to become clan deputy but I am glad that she did because otherwise Thistleclaw (see my article about the dark forest) would be deputy and Firstar would never have come into the clan etc. Oakheart is the clan deputy so I think that he should know better and also when Oakheart brings his kits back to RiverClan, why does he intrust them to Graypool? Did she like him or something?


Lionblaze and Heathertail

this one is at the bottom because they are the only ones who don’t get kits
when Lionblaze sees Heathertail at the gathering why does he fall in love with her, he should know better. and when heathertail goes out to find lionblaze right by the camp I find it a bit too risky. I also find it kind of mean when Lionblaze thinks that Heathertail told WindClan about the tunnels but I am also glad because that completely ends their relationship.

Bye! see you next time!

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