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My Top Five Favorite AMVs/MAPs by Solarpaw

Solarpaw lists their favourite Warriors MAPs.

Thumbnail art by Sinasni
Thumbnail art by Sinasni

Hello! I really love the MAPs and AMVs created by fans of the warriors universe, and today I’d like to share a few of my favorites. I’ll go from 5, my least favorite, to 1, my absolute favorite! Let’s get started! ๐Ÿ˜€ [Spoiler warning: Bluestar’s SE, TPB, The Last Hope, SkyClan And The Stranger, Mapleshade’s novella, and POT.]

5. She Wants Me (To Be Loved) – A Thrushpelt MAP
I really like this one, it’s very accurate and well-done. The reason it’s my fifth one is because I don’t really love the singer. However, I very much recommend this one – it’s about Thrushpelt and him struggling to accept Bluefur doesn’t love him back, and how he gets over it/helps her.

4. Blame – A Cinderpelt MAP
This one is super good! It’s about Cinderpaw/pelt dealing with the fact that she can’t be a warrior, and slowly accepting her position as a medicine cat. Yellowfang’s role in the MAP is also very accurate and I appreciate them keeping her personality consistent, while also making her a helpful character. I really like this one, and I love the song, but it’s not my absolute favorite, so I figured four was a good rank.

3. I See Fire – A Firestar MAP
This one is amazing. I was honestly stunned when I watched it. It’s telling the tale of Firestar, and his whole life, but not as he’s living it – instead, he’s thinking over all of his life choices and everything he’s been through as he gets ready to fight The Great Battle, against the Dark Forest. The song is from The Hobbit (kinda), but it’s the Ed Sheeran version, and it’s very good. The art is on-key. I totally recommend it!

2. Everything Moves – A Sol MAP
I’m sure most of you know this one; it’s pretty popular. Since Sol is one of my favorite villains, I had to watch it. I loved it instantly – the song is a great pick and though it’s more abstract you get the point of it. The art is amazing and the whole thing is very well-done. It’s about Sol – obviously – and his life, and it actually starts when he’s coming to the clans, which may confuse some. Towards the end, it shows his early life, which was revealed in SkyClan And The Stranger, and Leafstar exiling him after he failed to fight the foxes that had invaded the camp (which was his fault). It’s a very interesting MAP, and of course I recommend it.

1. Cell Block Tango – A Hollyleaf, Goldenflower, Nightcloud, Silverstream, Mapleshade, Squirrelflight villain MAP
This one is probably the best I’ve seen. The art is amazing, the song is even better (it’s from Chicago!) and while it took me a bit to understand the premise, I did decipher what was being depicted. Basically, it’s showing the cats listed above, but twisting their stories (most of them, at least) and making them villainous. The ringleader of the group is obviously Mapleshade, which makes a lot of sense, and it shows various events, like Mapleshade going rage on Appledusk and Reedshine, and Hollyleaf killing Ashfur, and other events that didn’t happen, like Nightcloud killing Crowfeather and Goldenflower poisoning Tigerstar 1 (honestly? she should’ve.) It’s very well-executed and I definitely think you should give it a look!

Well, that’s all for me – tell me what some of your favorites are in the comments. Thanks for reading, and like Keefe says, Solarflare –> out. ๐Ÿ˜›

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