[a full-body design of Dawnpelt and her colour palette]

My Unpopular Opinions about Warriors by Duskkit

Duskkit shares their unpopular opinions about the series.

[a full-body design of Dawnpelt and her colour palette]
Art by warriorcatsdatabase (tumblr)
[a full-body design of Dawnpelt and her colour palette]

Hello! In this article I will be discussing my unpopular opinions on ships, characters, and more! This also includes opinions that aren’t unpopular, just undiscussed or underrated. Feel free to comment your opinions on these!

Opinion 1: I don’t like CrookedstarXWillowbreeze
In Crookedstar’s Promise, Willowbreeze was introduced in my opinion, just to be a mate for Crookedstar, kinda like Whitetail in Onestar’s Confession. She is just a she-cat who becomes Crookedstar’s mate with little to no character or development. I don’t really understand why this ship is so popular. I got kinda bored by it.

Opinion 2: I don’t like Scourge
Scourge is a very popular character in the fandom. And I have absolutely no idea why. He has little character except ‘evil evil evil’, and Rise of Scourge doesn’t really fix this in my opinion. He was just kinda an evil cat with no character and no ambitions except ‘die everyone I’m evil boi here lol’.

Opinion 3: I wish Shadowsight had died.
When I finished Light in the Mist, I was in complete disappointment. I was very confused at why Bristlefrost died. I know cross Clan romances can be repetitive, but I just loved her and Rootspring together, except when she randomly started being obsessed with him. But I felt that Shadowsight dying would have been a great redemption for all the bad stuff he did. Bristlefrost dying just made for a very sad Rootspring, when the effect could have been made (though maybe slightly weaker) through Shadowsight.

Opinion 4: Gorse Fur should have never existed
Gorse Fur never really had any character in the series except for that he was Windstar’s mate. He hunted I guess. And that’s about it. Him never existing could have made Windstar a she-cat with no mate, which would have at least lessened the problem in DotC where all she-cats had a mate. And Moth Flight and Dust Muzzle could have been Jagged Peak and Holly’s kits or something (Emberkit and Morning Whisker don’t need to exist either).

Opinion 5: Dawnpelt was the best of Tawnypelt and Tigerheartstar’s kits.
All three of Tawnypelt and Tigerheartstar’s kits had problems. Tigerheartstar is hotheaded, aggressive, and possibly trying to take control of RiverClan. Flametail was grouchy, unforgiving, and selfish. And Dawnpelt ridiculously accused Jayfeather of drowning Flametail. She did this out of grief, which I think is not that bad. She was pretty persistent on it, and it did look like Jayfeather drowned Flametail. And in Vision of Shadows, Dawnpelt was a good cat who seriously considered leaving the Kin, if not for her, uh, kin. In my opinion, she is the best out of her litter, not that that is saying much.

Opinion 6: Flametail should go to the Place of No Stars
Flametail was, as stated in the last opinion, grouchy, unforgiving, and selfish. He was mean towards any cat to ThunderClan for little reason. He didn’t forgive Jayfeather in StarClan, like any StarClan cat except Ashfur 2. He even tried to kill Jayfeather. Kill him! A medicine cat! If making Sparrowpelt sick is enough to go to the Dark Forest, then trying to kill a medicine cat who tried to save your life is as well.

Opinion 7: Berrynose should go to the Dark Forest
Berrynose was arrogant and selfish his entire life. He was always mean, and sided with Ashfur in the battle that got him killed (Tawnypelt should go to extra StarClan for that). And he only helped the living cats to save his rump! (Juniperclaw rant coming up) Juniperclaw went to the Dark Forest for making Sparrowpelt sick! He literally made one mistake, and didn’t even get any cat killed! He made -4 cats die, because he saved Violetshine (who was pregnant with Rootspring and Needleclaw), and Shadowkit. Shadowsight and Rootspring were instrumental in defeating Ashfur 2. The Clans would be completely destroyed by a maniacal lovestruck fool without Juniperclaw. And not just all that, he even selflessly helped the Clans in the battle against Ashfur 2. He didn’t hold any grudge against StarClan or the living Clans, which can’t be said for Flametail, who went to StarClan. He was even guarded some dumb hole for the rest of his existence, which is even more horrible since he is just so close to StarClan, but can’t go through. But Berrynose sides against an extremely evil cat and goes off to StarClan scot free. And then StarClan is so smug to him. Ridiculous.

Well, that’s everything I got for this article. So for a conclusion, I will bring something to attention. Shouldn’t Snowbird be long retired? Ratscar is her sibling, and he was a warrior in Tigerclaw’s Fury. He likely died of old age ages ago. But even with a twisted paw, Snowbird is still going strong. The same is true with Tawnypelt. Brambleclaw is retiring, so why shouldn’t Tawnypelt? They’re littermates. Whatever. Goodbye!

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