[a full-body design of Rowankit]

Possible Names For ASC kits and apprentices by Rosefern

Rosefern names the kits and apprentices of A Starless Clan.

[a full-body design of Rowankit]
Art by theDawnmist
[a full-body design of Rowankit]

Heyo Blogclan! It’s Rosefern again! Sorry for the long break, I’ve been kinda busy and also just didn’t have a lot of motivation… today I’m gonna be headcanonning the kits of ASC and having a little bonus at the end!
Lets see, all the kits are Bristlekit, Stemkit, Graykit, Firkit, Streamkit, Bloomkit, Whisperkit, Pidgekit, Duskkit, Stripekit, Brookkit, and Rowankit. I’m also gonna do some apprentices: Whistlepaw, Beepaw and Bettlepaw, and for the bonus I’ll be doing… Oh wait, I’m gonna make you wait. Mwahaha!
First, Rowankit:
Rowankit is Dovewing’s kit, from Shadowclan. I think he should be named Rowanwing, after Dovewing, or maybe Rowanheart, after Tigerheartstar. Note that I don’t like either of these characters, it’s just what makes sense. Also, Rowanlight might be nice, or Rowanleaf.
Now, Firkit. I want him to be Firnose, just because that’s a really nice name! Firtail would also be nice, or Firheart.
Streamheart would definitely nice, even though I had an oc with that name which I might or might not be using for fanfiction (Honestly so many of my ocs / fanfic characters are canon names—Or Blogclan names for that matter— without me even trying I guess the I have a lot of the same ideas as others😛 ). I had one in my head too seconds ago but now I LOST IT! URGH!
Streamtail might me nice—Oh yeah, it is really nice—Random fun fact: the suffix “tail” is the most popular suffix with 72 occurrences. Streamfur might be nice, although that does sound a little basic, what with Stormfur and Stonefur and whatnot. Oh, Streamflower, that’s a really good one!
Bloomheart! Ok, I know it’s already been used, but I can’t think of many others, plus the Erins do repeat names kind of a lot. Bloomfeather I can think of that, but I don’t like it very much. Or Bloomwing, Bloomfrost, or Bloomflower, but I don’t really like those either. Bloomnose is a meh possibility, but I really like the idea of Bloomflight!
I like Whisperfoot, but that distinctly reminds me of an oc of mine with a very detailed history I have in mind, so no I really don’t want a Whisperfoot. Whisperheart is another really good one and I really want that one.
Ridgestep! All the way! Also Ridgenose is a possibility and I have a feeling it’s gonna be that one because of the emphasis on her white nose.
This one I’m stumped on! I can think of some, but they’re not — oohh! Duskflight sounds really good, or Duskbird or Duskheart. I do want the name Duskflight though because it reminds me of Darkstalker for some reason!😂
This one: I can think of Stripeshine or Stripefoot. Out of those I’d choose Stripeshine that sounds way better to me, the name Stripefoot sounds like a way too serious cat.
I want this catter to be Brookshine, but not if Stripekit, Brookit’s litermate was Stripeshine then that would look weird and boring. Brookstream is a nice name, Brookheart, or Brookshade! I really want Brookshade.
I just realized I forgot to do Bristlekit Stemkit and Graykit! Woops! Let’s do those!
I really want Bristletail! It would also make a lot of sense because, like, how cats tails bush up when theyre mad? It makes a lot more sense then Bristlefrost (Even though I do like that name)
Honestly I wouldn’t even care if Stemkit’s warrior name was Stemleaf because it’s a nice name. Also, I just realized Shellfur’s name may be derived from the fact that he have tortoiseshell fur. Wonder if the Erins knew that when naming him hahaha
But anywaay I’m getting off track here. If Stemkit wasnt Stemleaf he’d probably be Stemflower, or, Stemfrond would be really nice.
Ok, I really don’t like the prefix “gray” Graystripe is like the only thing that sounds good with it. Theres Grayfur, Graytail, those are possibleitys but Grayfur is really darn basic and Graytail is an option…or Graypelt, that would be really funny, seeing as gray-pelts = a “Derogatory term for elders and senior warriors”. Hahaha but no, that’s probably not the best course of action.
Now Some apprentices:
I think Beestripe is the way to go for this one!
I had a really good one in mind for this just a minute ago but I lost it. I do think her warrior name will be Beetlecrawl, because it sounds good (much better then Turtlecrawl) and also sounds like something Leafstar would think of.
I really, really want her name to be Whistlewind, that just sounds really good, y’know? also, Whistleheart is an option, too.
Now for my bonus: I wonder if you’ve guessed it at this point! Let me know in the comments
I really want Wafflepaw to be Waffleheart for no particular reason at all except it sounds good hehehe
Anyways that’s it for this article! See you next time!

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