[image description: cat forms of Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Sunny, and Starflight from Wings of Fire]

Giving WoF characters warrior names by Frogpaw

Frogpaw gives warrior names to characters from Wings of Fire.

[image description: cat forms of Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Sunny, and Starflight from Wings of Fire]
Art by Alkrinal
[image description: cat forms of Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Sunny, and Starflight from Wings of Fire]

Hey! It’s Frogpaw and it’s been a while since I posted an article last! This one I will be about giving Wings of Fire characters names like the ones in our fandom, Warrior cats! I’m going to mention a lot of characters, so here I go!

Hmm. He pretty much already has a prefix in his name so all I need is a suffix! Maybe Wintercall? I like that! I don’t have much of a reason of why that fits him, I just didn’t want to give him a name like Winterheart because he isn’t always rude, and there’s no reason to give him a name like Winterpelt because he doesn’t have a Warrior cats purrsona. So Wintercall it is!

I don’t want to be repetitive like how I used the prefix “Winter” with Winter. So this time i’m going to use “Starry” instead of Moon. I feel like Starry fits her well because Nightwing’s wings have stars on them and she was born under stars, unlike the other NightWings. And then “Fawn” because she has a soft personality, which I like about her. So Starryfawn sounds exactly like her!

Peril is my favorite character in WoF! I love her fiery personality and how she doesn’t want to be dangerous (well most of the time she does), and she’s so hard to understand which remind me of myself! I love, love, love, love X1000 Peril! Definitely Flame or Fire would fit her prefix, and then spark! I think Firespark is a good name!

Turtle is super cool! He is calm like the wind so maybe Breeze? And then he is a SeaWing so “Splash” would work! Breezesplash sounds okay.

Qibli is awesome! I love him! Who doesn’t? He leads like a lion and his tribe is like the color of a lion. So a good prefix would be “Lion”. And then “call”? I don’t want to be repetitive but I think it’s only fitting because he’s such a loud character. Lioncall sounds good!

Kinkajou’s prefix would be “Sun” because she stands out like the sun. And RainWings like to do “Sun time” which is when they bask in the sun. So sun is perfect! And then I think Kinkajou is pink like some flowers so her suffix would be “flower”. Sunflower! That’s actually the name of one of my OCs but I like it! Sunflower it is!

I struggled on Tsunami. I was thinking maybe “Crystal” because she’s blue. And then “pool” because she’s a SeaWing? Crystalpool is okay, but I wish I could be a little bit more creative with it.

Oh no. Uhm. *light bulb flashes* maybe he could start with “Copper” because his scales are copper colored…sort of. And then fire because he was born from a blood red egg which makes him fireproof. Copperfire sounds perfect!

I love love love love love love Sunny! Her personality is soooo amazing and I think that she’s is underrated (in my opinion) and deserves more attention. “Blaze” would be a good prefix since she is super cheerful (Blaze was also one of the SandWing queens lol). And then “moon” because she is half NightWing. Blazemoon? What’s your opinion on that?

I feel like “Black” just fits for some reason. And then we can just use a part of his name as the suffix. Blackflight!

Oh how I loooove Glory. “Fierce” is definitely gonna be her prefix. And then “sprit” because she has a fierce spirit. Fiercespirit!

Blue is a very calm kind of guy. “Silk” works because he has flamesilk. And “claw” because silk literally comes out of his claws (well wrists but y’know what I mean). Silkclaw!

He has a warrior name already!

“Solar” works because her name is Luna, and then “wing” because she’s purple and kind’ve looks like space. I like Solarwing :3

“Poison” because she’s a “PoisonWing”. Then “Willow” because she lives in the poison jungle (not because of her girlfriend lol 😛). Poisonwillow it is!

I think Cricket is the best of The Lost Continent! She’s cheerful and smart, and just super cool! This one was hard for me, but I eventually came up with Goldcloud. Gold because HiveWings, including her, are gold. And cloud because she has a softer personality.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Unfortunately it has come to an end! Thank you so much for reading and I want to hear your opinion on this article!


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