[The Dark Forest from Destiny 2, a shadowy forest with a winding river]

Top 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths in the Great Battle by Amberpaw

Amberpaw lists the saddest deaths from the Great Battle.

[The Dark Forest from Destiny 2, a shadowy forest with a winding river]
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[The Dark Forest from Destiny 2, a shadowy forest with a winding river]

Hi BlogClanners, it’s Amberpaw (Amberflight). Here is a list of deaths in the Great Battle, from the most “who cares?” to the most moving of all. Faded StarClan and Dark Forest cats are also included. (Well, clearly no Dark Forest cats are on this list.)

Note that these deaths are ordered according to my opinion, not to any character’s. Everyone is encouraged to talk about their views in the comments.

10. Hollowflight (RC)
You might argue that Hollowflight initially sided with the Dark Forest. But it was really hard to stay on the right track with Dark Forest warriors constantly luring you to believe Clan cats are this and that. It also takes a lot of courage for her to determine her true loyalty in the final battle, especially after Brokenstar had forewarned the Dark Forest of the consequences of betraying him. Hollowflight knew he might have survived had he stayed with the Dark Forest, but the warrior chose to die fighting for the Clans.

9. Ashfoot (WC)
Ashfoot was the WindClan deputy and was among the friendlier WindClan warriors toward ThunderClan.

8. Swallowtail (WC)
Swallowtail was a loyal WindClan warrior, and her personality indicates that he must have fought hard in the Great Battle. As a kit, she had wandered into Fallen Leaves’ tunnels, and her mother had almost lost her. And here she is, actually lost – but fighting a brave battle.

7. Ferncloud (TC)
Ferncloud was still bravely caring for ThunderClan’s kits at the last moment of her life, costing her life. Most warriors aren’t as devoted to ThunderClan as her.

6. Mousefur (TC)
Mousefur died a warrior, bravely fighting off a tom from the Dark Forest.

5. Foxleap (TC)
Foxleap was the most fun and energetic cat in the Clan, and I hated to see him die.

4. Sorreltail (TC)
Sorreltail fought fiercely and strived to protect her kits in the meantime, and her death was a huge impact as she was quite an important character. Also, her siblings Sootfur and Rainwhisker were both dead already. It must be really hard for her and especially for their mother and father after she died too.

3. Firestar (TC, Ninth Life)
I like how The Last Hope tied back to the original prophecy “Fire will save the Clan.” Also, Firestar giving up his last life for the Clans was really touching.

2. Hollyleaf (TC)
Hollyleaf was admittedly one of my favorite characters, always putting the Clan before herself. In the Great Battle she died to save Ivypool, the cat who took away most of her deserved recognition because of the prophecy. (Although Dovewing was part of the prophecy, Ivypool spied for ThunderClan, which probably counts as prophecy stuff.)

1. Spottedleaf (StarClan)
Spottedleaf! She gave up her life for the future of the Clans by fighting bravely when she was already in StarClan. She has always been devoting her life guiding Firestar’s kin toward their destiny and was probably the StarClan cat who appeared most often in all the Warriors books. And in the Great Battle, she was trying to save Sandstorm, who also loved Firestar! That shocked me.

So that’s all for the top 10 most heartbreaking deaths in the Battle Against the Dark Forest! Do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment, and have a purring day! (That means nice.)

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