[a painted bust portrait of Bluestar in the forest]

Worst Mothers in the Warrior Cat Universe by Nettlepaw

Nettlepaw lists the worst mothers in the series.

[a painted bust portrait of Bluestar in the forest]
Art by aodesai
[a painted bust portrait of Bluestar in the forest]

Hello! This article is my opinion on the worst mothers in the Warrior Cats universe. If you disagree with any of my opinions, comment below because I would like to hear them!

10 – Bluestar

I love Bluestar so much, but she wasn’t a great mother. She had three kits, Mistykit, Stonekit and Mosskit and she broke the warrior code by taking Oakheart, from RiverClan, as a mate. She loved her kits so much but took them to RiverClan so she could become deputy instead of Thistleclaw, who was a murderous cat. Bluefur knew that if she let Thistleclaw become deputy, he would fight every cat he met. So she gave her kits to RiverClan, and Mosskit died in the process. She didn’t reveal herself as Mistyfoot and Stonefur’s mother until they were senior warriors.

9 – Quiet Rain

Before you start hating me, I agree there are much worse mothers than Quiet Rain. But there are a lot of better mothers. Quiet Rain’s only she-kit, Fluttering Bird, died in The Sun Trail, the first book in the Dawn of the Clans arc. I am sympathetic, but she wasn’t really upset when Clear Sky/Skystar left to find a new home, along with all the other questing cats. Then Jagged Peak, her other son, snuck out of camp to follow them, and she sent Gray Wing, her third son, to find them even though he really didn’t want to go. Could she have sent a more experienced cat? Or was she just too lazy to do it herself? Surely she would want to look for her own son? But no. She sent Gray Wing, sending most of her family away to somewhere where they might die. Then in A Forest Divided, the fifth book in the series, she arrives with Sun Shadow in the cats’ new home. When she hears about what Clear Sky/Skystar did, she disowns him. I hate Clear Sky/Skystar for what he did, but Quiet Rain didn’t need to disown him for that. She did forgive him, which is why I put her at No.9. But I just feel like she wasn’t a great mother.

8 – Sasha

Apart from the fact she is mates with Tigerstar, and she’s a bad mother, I have no complaints against her. But she abandoned her kits in RiverClan at the start of The New Prophecy arc. And when they had friends in their Clan, and a position, and enjoying Clan life, she tried to take them away from that. Then we don’t really hear from her any more. Didn’t she want to check on her kits?

7 – Dewy Leaf

Dewy Leaf was an ancient Tribe cat in the Dawn of the Clans arc. The reason I think she’s a bad mother is because she turned down a better future for her kits, and she didn’t defend her own son against her new mate, Sharp Hail when he was bullying him. In the Sun Trail, when the questing cats leave the mountains in search for a better home, she shouts at her mate, Moon Shadow, for leaving the mountains. Moon Shadow was not the best cat…but it’s his choice! It’s his life. You don’t need to make that decision for him. And she was turning down a better future for her kits. Doesn’t she want her kits to have a better life than one of starvation? And, her new mate, Sharp Hail, was bullying her son, Sun Shadow, her kit with Moon Shadow. She didn’t do anything to defend him! It’s like it’s his fault his father left the mountains.

6 – Brightflower

Brightflower, let’s be honest, wasn’t the greatest mother. She didn’t believe Yellowkit when she said she hadn’t eaten the sparrow that gave her brother, Nutkit, a bellyache. And, when Yellowkit became Yellowfang, the medicine cat, she believed the lies Brokenstar told about her killing Mintkit and Marigoldkit, her siblings from a younger litter. And that got her exiled for a crime she didn’t commit. What a great mother.

5 – Wind Runner/Windstar

I like Wind Runner as a character, but not as a mother. She didn’t understand how Moth Flight felt.

“Losing Slate’s kits, getting lost when you should have been hunting. We’re used to that. But you’ve never been that reckless. You’re not just a danger to yourself! You’re a danger to your Clan!”
‘I’m s-sorry.” Guilt welled inside Moth Flight, rising in her throat until she could hardly speak.
‘You’ve worn that word out today!’ Every hair on Wind Runner’s pelt stood on end. ‘Sorry doesn’t bring cats back from the dead! WindClan would be better off without you!’

Excerpt from Moth Flight’s Vision, page 42

In the Dawn of the Clans arc, Wind Runner lost two of her kits to sickness. Her two remaining kits, Moth Flight and Dust Muzzle, were still kits at the end of the arc. Moth Flight was easily distracted, bringing back plants instead of prey and losing Slate’s kits when she was meant to be looking after them. She was getting visions and prophetic dreams and she didn’t know what they meant. She should have been getting advice and comfort from her mother and instead she got ignored while Dust Muzzle got all the attention.

4 – Nightcloud

Nightcloud had three kits with her former mate, Crowfeather, but only one survived. Breezepelt. Nightcloud was the reason why Breezepelt was so annoying. Breezepelt grew up being told by Nightcloud that his father hated him, which wasn’t true. Crowfeather never rejected his son. He also grew up hating Leafpool, and her kits, Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf. Leafpool had kits with his father, Crowfeather, just before he was born, and Nightcloud hated Leafpool for that. Which is why Breezepelt attacked Jayfeather in The Fourth Apprentice.

3 – Millie

Graystripe met Millie when he was captured by Twolegs, and they fell in love. When they returned to ThunderClan, they had three kits, Briarkit, Bumblekit and Blossomkit. When they were apprentices, Briarpaw was paralysed by a fallen tree. They received their warrior names soon after, Briarlight, Bumblestripe and Blossomfall. Up until then, I thought she was a good mother. But after that, Briarlight was the centre of Millie’s attention. She couldn’t leave the medicine cat’s den and couldn’t continue her warrior duties. Briarlight was constantly being fussed over by Millie. Her other siblings, Bumblestripe and Blossomfall, were left out in the dirt. Bumblestripe was rejected by his mate, Dovewing. And Blossomfall was so jealous and upset that she went to the Dark Forest to train there. She got in trouble from Millie because she got lost in the tunnels. So did Ivypool! That just made her even more upset. And Briarlight wanted her siblings to get attention from their mother, because she could see how upset they were. But did Millie listen? No.

2 – Lizardstripe

Lizardstripe was a ShadowClan queen when Yellowfang and Raggedstar asked her to foster Brokenkit, because his mother was Yellowfang, who couldn’t look after him, as she broke the medicine cat code by taking Raggedstar as a mate. Firstly, she called her kits ‘brats’. Secondly, she only took Brokenkit because she would hold power in the Clan, since she was the foster mother of Raggedstar’s kit. She was unfriendly towards Brokenkit and had no love for him. This is why Brokenstar was such a terrible cat. She also encouraged her other kits, Runningkit, Tanglekit and Deerkit, to be hostile towards him.

Inevitably, the worst mother is….

1 – Rainflower

Yes, Rainflower takes the top spot again as the worst mother in the warrior cat universe. I actually haven’t seen a post about bad parenting where she isn’t number one.

Rainflower had two kits, Stormkit and Oakkit. She was so proud of Stormkit’s looks…until he and Oakkit snuck out of the RiverClan camp. Stormkit got injured, and instead of comforting him, she changes his name to Crookedkit, because of his crooked jaw. Her mate, Shellheart, defended Crookedkit, so she broke up with him. Then, she takes him away from her nest and favours Oakkit, just out of pure malice towards Crookedkit. And when she becomes a warrior, the only people who care are his brother and his mate.

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