[Ivypool sits in front of a pool of water in the forest. Her reflection has scars and shadowy cats around her]

Why Ivypool deserves a super edition by Slightdapple

Slightdapple pitches ideas for an Ivypool super edition.

[Ivypool sits in front of a pool of water in the forest. Her reflection has scars and shadowy cats around her]
Art by kynoph0bia (Artstation)
[Ivypool sits in front of a pool of water in the forest. Her reflection has scars and shadowy cats around her]

Ivypool is my favorite character, so it’s no surprise I want her to have an SE. But I think a really interesting story could be told with Ivypool! I’ll be discussing some of these story points in this article.

1. Her relationship with Fernsong

IvyFern is a very popular ship in the fandom, mainly for the fact that Fernsong is a sweet boi and Ivypool having literally trained in hell. It was heavily hinted at in the first few books of AVoS before they finally got together and had three kits: Bristlekit, Flipkit, and Thriftkit. Fernsong helped out in the nursery, letting Ivy carry out some warrior duties.

Now that the official stuff’s over, I’d like to say that I love this ship! I think it’s adorable. In an Ivypool SE, it would be cool to explore their relationship more, and their relationship with their kits, which I’ll touch on later.

2. Bristlefrost (And Flipclaw and Thriftear)

Now, I know you were all thinking of Bristlefrost when you clicked on this article. Bristlefrost sacrificed her entire existence for the Clans, and the grief that Ivypool’s feeling would be cool to explore, especially that she can never see her again. I feel like she’d get flashbacks to Antpelt, and how he died forever. She would probably feel fresh guilt now that she understands how it feels to lose someone forever. I wonder how she would react/act around to Swallowtail.

One story idea I have is Flipclaw getting into a half-Clan relationship. Ivypool would have a sore spot with that because of Dovewing leaving her and her Clan without telling a single cat, and she likely would feel a bitterness about thinking her sister was dead, and she would probably try and get Flipclaw to not pursure his crush for the fear that he would leave her too.

As for Thriftear, Ivypool would probably be closer to her than usual and the two would share their grief of Bristlefrost along with Flipclaw and Fernsong.

3. Leadership

If Ivypool becomes deputy (or leader, if Squirrelflight and Bramblestar don’t return from the Moonpool) then her SE could take place in ASC/ the mysterious ninth arc and be about her handling the burdens of leadership of ThunderClan and grief for her daughter.

There could also be leadership conflicts with battles between Clans or rogues, which would also double the Flipclaw half-Clan plot if it were with the opposing Clan. (Btw, the reason I think Flipclaw would get into a forbidden relationship instead of Thriftear is because, well, Flipclaw, and I imagine Thriftear as more of a Hollyleaf sort of cat- always following the code and kind of strict with it.)

4. What would an Ivypool SE look like?

I think it would have a prologue about Ivypool having a nightmare about killing Antpelt, and with Bristlefrost in it. It would probably focus on her relationship with her family, especially Fernsong and her remaining kits. It would show her interacting with Rootspring and it would probably talk about her new position in Clan life if she becomes deputy/leader, and leadership struggles with grief and rival Clans.

So, that concludes my article! I hope you enjoyed it, and comment below if you want Ivypool to get an SE too.

Slightdapple out!

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