[Stormtail, Stormfur, Whitewing, Yellowfang, and Beetlenose with literal depictions of their names]

Random Cat’s Real Purrsonas by Dawnpaw

Dawnpaw picks some random characters from the series and takes their name literally.

[Stormtail, Stormfur, Whitewing, Yellowfang, and Beetlenose with literal depictions of their names]
Art by iycewing
[Stormtail, Stormfur, Whitewing, Yellowfang, and Beetlenose with literal depictions of their names]

Hi! Dawnpaw/wind here with my first article, Random Cat’s Real Purrsonas! Here are twenty-four cats and their real purrsonas, based off of their name!

*DISCLAIMER 1* This was made using the “random character” feature on the Warriors Wiki and Dawnpaw’s horrid imagination.

*DISCLAIMER 2* This is just a joke. Do NOT take this seriously, because cats cannot be made out of clouds or milk. They also can’t turn into embers.

1. Cloudpelt: a thick-furred tom with blue eyes. He is made out of clouds.
2. Graymist: a pale gray tabby she-cat. She is made out of mist.
3. Whitestorm: a white tom with yellow eyes. He is a blizzard.
4. Applefrost: a light brown cat. Or milkshake?
5. Milkfur: *slurps* ahh, milk is delicious, and this creamy-white tom is made out of it *sighs with happiness*
6. Bellaleaf: a pale orange she-leaf with no eyes. She has no legs and no chin because leaves do not have eyes, legs, or chins.
7. Mossfire: a tortoiseshell she-cat made out of moss. She is permanently on fire.
8. Bloomkit: is a black she-kit. She hasn’t turned into a flower yet, she’s too small.
9. Berryheart: a black and white she-cat with amber eyes. She has berries instead of a heart, which makes her heartless and annoying to her kits.
10. Sunstrike: a tortoiseshell she-cat with a large white mark on her forehead. She is made out of hydrogen and helium, and a little bit of nitrogen and oxygen.
11. Robinwing: a pale-feathered tortoiseshell-and-white robin. He has one wing bigger than the other, and looks strangely like a cat.
12. Birdflight: a fluffy, long-furred, light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Or is she? She is hiding her true identity, just like Fitz from Keeper of the Lost Cities! She is a bird! Not a cat or a cracker!
13. Tigerstar 2 (aka Tigerheartstar): a dark brown tabby tiger with amber eyes. For some reason, he has stars all over his pelt.
14. Turtlecrawl: a tortoise she-cat. No, not a tortoiseshell, just tortoise. Hope she’s as fast the the cat part of her, not the tortoise.
15. Pebbleshine: sleek and pale, brown-speckled white she-cat statue with green eyes and a long, thick tail. She is very shiny, and her creator won the world record for “Smallest Cat Statue Ever”.
16. Mistkit: is nonexistent, she used to be mist but then faded away. At such a young age, too. What a sad death. *sniffs*
17. Beenose: sleek-furred, plump white she-cat with black ears. She had a bee for a nose, so I don’t recommend touching noses with her.
18. Gray Wing: sleek, dark gray wing with torn tip. It used to belong to a sleek, dark gray bird with golden eyes, but it fell off somehow.
19. Ambermoon: a small, pale ginger she-cat. Twice a year she rises up to the sky and becomes a blood moon.
20. Seedpelt: a gray seed-cat. Chickens like pecking at her pelt, and think it’s very tasty.
21. Webfoot: wiry, dark gray tabby tom with orange eyes. He has webs on his feet, and fellow WindClan elders wonder why he isn’t RiverClan.
22. Fidgetflake: black-and-white flake of a tom with yellow eyes. He is a very good fidget toy for cats with anxiety problems.
23. Mintkit: a small gray tom. Under his fur, if you look closely, you can see he is made out of mint leaves. How he has a brain, heart and lungs is a mystery yet to be solved.
24. Emberdawn: a dark ginger she-cat. Because she is a moderator, she has a power: at dawn, but ONLY at dawn, she can turn into a pile of embers. Useful, right? Oh yeah, she can’t turn back into a cat. Lucky she has such an amazing power!

And these were your twenty-four cats! What do you think: Should I make a part two? Which name was your favorite?

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