Art by FluffyWingedCat [full-body designs of Spiderleg and Daisy]

Complicated Ships- Worst Mates Ever! by Honeydawn

Honeydawn lists the mates with the most complicated relationships in the series.

Art by FluffyWingedCat [full-body designs of Spiderleg and Daisy]
Art by FluffyWingedCat
[full-body designs of Spiderleg and Daisy]

Hey there lovely Bloggers! Today is romantically sunny with love in the air! Wait… just kidding! Today we’ll be looking at some ships that, in my opinion, never should have existed, and which cat in the relationship made it a thumbs down. I need to start out by saying that there could be SPOILERS in this article! Second, these are just my opinions! Please don’t hate on me if you disagree!
Let’s start!

Spider X Daisy: If you know me well, you should know that Spiderleg is one of my least favorite characters. For me, he’s just rude and selfish and the way I always saw it, he never really cared for anyone else. (at least not that I remember of) He was never there for Daisy, and didn’t even try to have a close relationship with his kits. In “The New Prophecy”, he has a conversation with Leafpool (I think) and stated that he never expected to be Daisy’s mate in the first place. Before that, Spiderleg and Daisy argue about how he never stops by the nursery to say hello to his mate or his kits. I never saw any connection between these two. To shorten it, Daisy loved Spiderleg, but he never wanted to be part of her life.

Storm X Moon: I think we can all agree on this one, right? Stormtail loved Moonflower at first, but then his feelings faded after she had Bluestar and Snowfur. He fell in love with Dappletail when she was an apprentice. He even flirted with her in front of Moonflower sometimes!! He just makes me really mad. Like Spiderleg, he never wanted anything to do with his kits. Like DUDE!! I think Moontail deserves Sunstar instead, who actually loved her, and treated Bluepaw and Snowpaw like his own after she died. SunXMoon!!

Crow X Night: This one is a little complicated… It was obvious that Crowfeather loved Leafpool way more. After he returned from running away with her, he basically used Nightcloud to earn his loyalty back. He says he loved Nightcloud, but I, personally, don’t think he did that much. Not to mention, he and Breezepelt practically hated each other. Sorry, but it’s a no for me.

Just saying, I know most of you hate NightXSun, but I don’t really have an opinion on that one, so…

Tiger X Dove: No… just no… this is even worse than Spiderleg and Daisy. I mean, this ship is overall toxi and doesn’t really make sense to me. Tigerheart chose his Clan above Dovewing, which does make sense, but Dovewing literally left her clan for him. (if this sounds wrong, i haven’t read it in a while so sorry) RED FLAG!!!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed it, I’ll do a part two on the BEST SHIPS EVER!!! Honeydawn out! <3

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