[a design of Squirrelflight sitting on her hind legs with her paws raised]

My Top 5 Favorite and Least Favorite Warrior Cats by MothWish

MothWish lists their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

[a design of Squirrelflight sitting on her hind legs with her paws raised]
Art by Ospreysplash
[a design of Squirrelflight sitting on her hind legs with her paws raised]

So, this is my first article submitted so i wanted to do something simple so lets start with my 5 top favs.

#5 Fav-YellowFang
Why is YellowFang my 5th? Well I love her spunky and feisty personality, but also caring at the same time. The way she died was noble and brave. Sacrificing herself for another clanmate!

#4 Fav-LeafStar
Okay I gotta love LeafStar, she’s a devoted mother, a great clan leader. And her part in SkyClans Destiny and SkyClan and the Stranger are amazing! And her manga design is fire. But she did kinda break the code because she had kits as a leader.

#3 Fav-FeatherTail
Okay her manga story(A Shadow in RiverClan) was FIRE. Her personality was great, her arcs are great. I love her, def top 5 material.

#2 Fav-BlueStar
It’s a tie between her and SquirrelFlight. But SquirrelFlight won. I love bluestar, the design, the arcs, the personality, EVERYTHING. She died a noble death even though in book 4(Rising Storm) she hated StarClan, but it makes sense why(not giving spoilers). And I’m a kinnie myself!

#1 Fav-SquirrelFlight(most loved)
Girl is legit FIRE. She is amazing! The arcs, design, personality. SquirrelFlights Hope was AMAZING. Also the fact that she basically came back from the dead. I just gotta love this girl.
Now comes the second part, my least 5 favs.

To be honest he’s kinda bland and a predictable protagonist. Though I don’t hate him, he’s just bland.

Okay, I like the design but the mans a LOSER BUTT. Like are you trying to get yourself killed by the clan cats like bruhhhh.

His manga was really good, but I just don’t like him in general I guess. Idk why but he’s just, uhhhhhh, weird for a clan cat I guess.

Just pick a clan already!!!!! He already broke the warrior code like, 5 times or more. But he was just doing “good” but he wasn’t. He’s also bland in my opinion!

#1-JayFeather(Most Hated)
OMG I have so many reasons to hate this guy so I’ll be sharing a few. 1, he’s overrated. 2, The kin of your kin prophecy(power of three) was kinda bland, it’s like OoHhhH these caTs get MagicAl powers” 3, his design, i don’t like it like in the ultimate guide the brown near his eyes make it look like he smudged turds on his face.

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